5 Foulest Smelling Nigerian Office Lunches

NOSA: This week marks one year of working in Nigeria for me and I’ve definitely learned a lot. From the endless sexual harassment to the complete lack of tact, the Nigerian workplace is such a fascinating thing.

One thing that really blew me was lunch time in a Nigerian office and inspired by this HuffPo article, let's take a look at 5 foulest smelling lunches in a Nigerian office.


NOSA: There aren’t many situations worse than smelling fufu in a hot Nigerian office. I remember following my mom to that Apapa port, when I was little, and some man in her office was chowing fufu like no man’s business. The smell combined with the heat in that portacabin was the absolute worst. Look, if your dad was responsible for transferring my mom from that port, I’m eternally grateful

FOLLY: Talk about repressed memories.


NOSA: Whether it’s sardines in Agege bread or stockfish from the canteen, fish is always a sensory offender. Just last week, my office wife had foulest smelling fish meal in the office. I literally had to leave the office for the woman.

FOLLY: Especially sardines. My office is very “contained”. Our cafeteria is right beside the reception and next door to some unlucky Johns’ cubicles. On days they serve fish, the smell fills the entire office. See, I’m not saying fish shouldn’t be served in our cafeteria but if it can permeate the whole office from an enclosed room with a door that’s always shut, imagine when someone is eating that meal at their desk. Don't do it. 


NOSA: Does gbegiri smell?

Any further questions?


FOLLY: Not only will the office smell like garlic but the offender will have garlic breath for the rest of the day and need I remind you why this might be a problem ? Because Nigerians have personal space issues and that person with garlic breath is probably going to come and hunch over your computer and try to explain to you why the graph in your presentation might not be accurate.


FOLLY: At my last office one man decided he wanted to out-do every previous birthday celebrant. He wasn’t going to do treat us to generic small chops packs because that’s pedestrian, we were gonna eat /shy-nese/. Waiters arrived on our floor with large coolers and served us Oriental food, owambe style. Thanks to him, the office smelt like a sweaty back kitchen for the rest of the day. And as if that wasn’t bad enough the chicken curry had boiled egg in it.

NOSA: Lol...pedestrian