Quick Trip To Sip & Bite

This restaurant has closed down

Sip & Bite

11B Akin Adeola Street, Victoria Island, Lagos

0803 855 5557

FOLLY: Late last year, Paris Deli rebranded itself to Sip & Bite.

I'm not sure if the "sip" in Sip & Bite is referring to Sip, the nightclub which is upstairs or the act of sipping a drink while eating at the restaurant.

I really don't know guys. Which do you think it is?

NOSA: It's Sip, for Sip, and Bite, for downstairs.

pineapple juice .JPG

FOLLY: Our friend O.K joined us for lunch. She just started a new job and she’s going through it. Bless her heart. All through lunch she fed us with the most bizarre stories and look, Nigerian workplaces are basically a hell of inappropriate conduct.

NOSA: <Comment Redacted>

sip and bite 1.JPG

NOSA: To start, we got the Calamari. It was a little bit burnt and shaped like a comma, but it really wasn't bad on the whole.

sip and bite restaurant.JPG

FOLLY: Do y'all see the comma shape? It was really funny to me.

For my main, I really didn’t want anything breakfast-y so against my better judgement I got the Chicken Noodles.

pasta sip and bite.JPG

NOSA: I felt breakfast-y so I went with the Waffle Breakfast.

waffles sip and bite.JPG

FOLLY: The menu said the stir-fry would include broccoli and baby corn but neither showed up. It was also supposed to be cooked in soy sauce but this had a tomato base. So it was a bit at odds with what they described. 

NOSA: Before you continue, I want to point out how terrible the waitresses are. They act like you're a bother when you need help.

sip restaurant lagos.JPG

FOLLY: The worst service. On the whole, despite not being what was described my meal wasn’t terrible. It was a bit bland and the chicken was tough, not a disaster but I won’t order it again.

lunch at sip and bite.JPG

NOSA: My eggs needed a little bit of salt and the waffle were a bit too eggy. The waffle wasn't bad, but the eggy-ness of it is very noticeable. 


NOSA: The food was photogenic...lol

FOLLY: The food at Sip & Bite isn’t terrible but it isn’t great it. It feels like you went over to your friend’s house and his cook made dinner. It’s better than the rice at home but it’s not something you feel you want to pay for after.

NOSA: It was neither bad nor good. Just smack dab in the middle of average-villa.




Chicken Noodles - N3800

Waffle Breakfast - N3500



Not a lot, but it's enough