EDL Taste Test: Shawarma & Co. Added New Items To Their Menu

FOLLY: The EDL Taste Test isn't always about comparing the same thing from two different restaurants.

NOSA: Evolving.

FOLLY: We sometimes like to use it when restaurants introduce new changes to their menu to let you guys know whether it's worth it or nah. 

NOSA: Like we did with Bistro 7's pizza.


shawarma and co new menu-2.jpg

FOLLY: Starting with the burger, the patty was very well seasoned. Lebanese people use a lot of garlic in their cooking and this was no exception, as the patty was seasoned pretty generously with garlic and also smothered with garlic sauce. 

NOSA: The actual meat in the patty didn't particularly blow me away, but this isn't some gourmet burger so I probably shouldn't be expecting too much.

NOSA: If Chicken Republic made a beef burger, I bet this is what it would taste like.



FOLLY: Lots of cabbage, onions, tomato, and chips (yes, you read right). I thought there would be pickles because you know Lebanese and all but there was non. Not complaining though as I detest pickles. 

I kept whining about the presence of chips in my burger, while Nosa didn't encounter any in his so maybe I got a double portion who knows?

NOSA: I mean, they were present in my burger but they didn't bother me. I actually didn't mind the garlic thing to it too. In fact, I loved it. Also, now that I think about it, there was no cheese in this. Never thought I'd see the day where I'd eat a burger without cheese and not be upset.



FOLLY: It isn't a gourmet burger by any standards but it definitely gets the job done. It's like a shawarma in burger form with a patty rather than chicken/beef shreds. 

NOSA: For what it is, it's not a bad burger. It's right there with the burger at Steers, which I think is a really underrated Lagos burger.



FOLLY: Remember when Chef Imoteda fried pounded yam and y'all people couldn't deal? Well, Shawarma & Co went and did something really similar so if the idea of that offends you, stop reading now. 

NOSA: I actually texted Imoteda that Shawarma & Co did this.

shawarma and co new menu-3.jpg

FOLLY: After eating the yam bites, I really have no idea how they were made. It didn't have the soft center like Imoteda's Pyam balls did.

NOSA: It tasted "sweet". Maybe that was from the onions, but there's no way I would have told you this was from yam if I tasted this blind. Not sure if that's a good or bad thing.

shawarma and co new menu-5.jpg

FOLLY:  This was like scotch-yam on the inside then a sweet tomato-onion filling on the inside. 

NOSA: It's like a stuffed puff puff.

FOLLY: I definitely needs a dipping sauce other that the obe-ata but it's a yes from me. 

NOSA:  These > Mosa, btw