Ask Eat.Drink.Lagos XXXVI

Subject: Operation seize bae 2016 😂

Message: Hi
I’ve been checking you guys out for a long time and I really love what you guys do cause I’m a foodie, lol
I’ve been single for a while so most times I go to places I know so I won’t look lonely and desperate, lol
Recently I met a guy, he seems cool and all but he’s not a Nigerian. I met him online though and he came to Nigeria for work, we got couple of minutes to talk and all.
Now he’s coming back just to spend more time with me. Please I need your help, he’s going to be here for 3 days.
I need you to recommend nice places for cocktails, lunch, dinner and hangouts.
I really want us to have fun and make him come back soon.
Thanks and God bless you
— ZJ

NOSA: Lol this is kinda adorable. For cocktails, take him to RSVP Poolside. Not the main restaurant, but the pool. They're different. 

For lunch, take him to Verandah. It's pretty chill in the afternoons and the pasta is great.

FOLLY: For dinner take him to Crossroads at Eko Hotel, or Taverna on a Wednesday for pizza night.  

NOSA: For general hangouts, you guys can definitely go check out some of the art galleries in Lagos. There should be an exhibition running at Re.Le right now. 

 FOLLY: Or the Lekki Crafts Market. 

Subject: Birthday things at the Office

Message: Hi Guys,

Congrats on your feature. I’m really interested to know how you picked Cafe Neo as the venue for your interview. Any incentives?

Anyway, my main issue is this - My birthday is coming up soon, and I’m wondering what else I can share with the office folk apart from cake and small chops.
Planning for 10 - 15 people, with a budget of 10k (excluding cake, drinks, and small chops).
Any ideas?

— Flo

NOSA: Thanks, Flo! We went with Cafe Neo because that's more or less the Eat.Drink.Lagos office. If I'm going to buy a bottle of water and sit there for hours, the least we can do is give them some earned media.

As for your birthday, why are birthdays in Nigerian office so expensive for the celebrant? It's your birthday and and it's YOU spending all the money. Last year, I got my office like 5 boxes of pizza and they were upset because I didn't bring alcohol and small chops. 

Mini rant aside, for 10k, you can get a couple bowls of gelato from Hans & Rene. That's if your office isn't super far from Radisson. 

 FOLLY: If the average age of your office is above 30 like mine, fruit bowls might be the new wave. That demographic is pretty health and weight conscious these days. If not, donuts and/or cookies? There are a bunch of Instagram vendors that can sort you out with either. 

Message: Hi Nosa, Folly,

Truly, honestly grateful for all you do. Hope you guys workout sha, all these wa.
Could you please check out [REDACTED]? Its a mobile eatery thingy run by a friend who trained (should I even be saying this, it sounds like forming) in France, and against all odds, just planted this thing somewhere in Marina.
Address: [REDACTED]
I hope it meets with your...palate (standard!)
Thank you.
PS/Careful with your photos...I look at nails, and saw a chipped red one recently. That WAS NOT Folly’s nail. (that is in a lighter mood, please dont judge me :-) )
— Zainab

NOSA: This must be the famed "Reverse Compliment Sandwich" lol. Seriously, why would I want to patronize your friend's business after this? 

 FOLLY: She didn't even do it right. You're supposed to sandwich the negatives between two positives and she did well, the opposite. I consider myself an expert in the No Sandwich.