The Lunch Club XII: Everything Was A Secret

NOSA: Twelve Lunch Clubs. 

That's about a year's worth, eh? To mark this "anniversary", we had a free Lunch Club. All potential guests had to tell one interesting fact about themselves and our host, Chef Imoteda, picked 9 people out of the lot. 

FOLLY: It was supposed to be 8, but you know these things are hard and we couldn't decide. 

NOSA: Everything about this Lunch Club was a secret. From the menu to the actual location of the thing, and I think this Lunch Club might have shaped the future of our Lunch Clubs as a whole. 

FOLLY: Low-key the location was a secret because it was at Imoteda's home and some of us (i.e. Nigerians) lack manners. 

NOSA: As for that mysterious menu,

Oh, the Pyam was great. When I finally open my small chops restaurant, I'm getting the menu off Chef Imoteda. It's a must. 


FOLLY: You wouldn't know this from reading the menu so let me tell you. There were chicken, beef, and lamb versions of the Pyam

NOSA: As far the banter goes, this was one of my favorites. We were at that table for hours. Couldn't believe how dark it was when we finally left. Really good stuff. 


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