EDL Taste Test: L'Afric vs. Yellow Chilli

FOLLY: On Saturday, I posted a picture of Yellow Chilli's seafood okra (which will be referred to as SFO from here on out) on EDL Twitter and there were a lot of responses. My cousin also asked me what I thought of it compared to L'Afric, and so that gave me the idea for this week's taste test. 

NOSA: I feel like I put my well being on the line for this thing and in future I'd rather not. This test made me poopy and I don't know which one to blame because I ate both.




FOLLY: L'Afric's is N4,250 while Yellow Chilli's is N3,300, that's almost a N1000 price difference which kind of explains why everything in L'Afric's is bigger but we'll get to that later.

First, can we really quickly address the fact that Nigerian restaurants charge you for take-away packs but the non-Nigerian ones don't? Think about it before you argue. 

NOSA: Can we also address how "split it in two containers" is such a complex request?



L: Yellow Chilli. R: L'Afric

L: Yellow Chilli. R: L'Afric

FOLLY: L'Afric SFO had a number of giant prawns, little prawns, and white fish. Yellow Chilli had a fewer number of the giant prawns (which I must note were smaller than those in L'Afric's) and white fish.

NOSA: L'Afric definitely was the more loaded of the two. 

FOLLY: Yellow Chilli also loaded their soup up with stock fish as opposed to the other more costly seafood ingredients, I do not remember distinctly tasting stock fish in L'Afric's. 



FOLLY: I was a bit disappointed in Yellow Chilli's SFO cause the okro had lost of crunch, likely from over cooking so it was just a green mess of soft baby food. 

NOSA: Lies.

L: Yellow Chilli. R: L'Afric

L: Yellow Chilli. R: L'Afric

FOLLY: In L'Afric's, on the other hand, the veggies looked greener, larger and still retained their crunch. L'Afric's SFO was less watery than Yellow Chilli's. 

NOSA: This is false. L'Afric's was super watery and not as thick as Yellow Chilli's. 

FOLLY: The proof is in the pictures above. Yellow Chilli is on the left, while L'Afric is on the right. 



Yellow Chilli.

Yellow Chilli.

FOLLY: Neither one of them tasted terrible but I definitely preferred L'Afric iteration for the reasons I mentioned above. Yellow Chilli's was just to mushy and I don't think okro should be mushy, as you add the sliced okro at the end for that very reason so it doesn't over cook. Yellow Chilli's also had an overwhelming amount of cray fish.

NOSA: I preferred Yellow Chilli's by far, theirs was definitely better seasoned.

FOLLY: I also found that L'Afric's SFO had a bit more dimension taste wise and it wasn't all Maggi, I could taste the ginger they added come through. 

NOSA: That dimension you tasted was probably the lack of taste. 

FOLLY: I guess we have to agree to disagree. 



FOLLY: L'Afric without a doubt. 

NOSA: Yellow Chilli.

FOLLY: A house divided. 


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