The Bar With The Beautiful View

Rue 80 Bar & Lounge @ Maison Fahrenheit

80 Adetokunbo Ademola Street. Victoria Island, Lagos.

01 904 4500

FOLLY: So by a quick show of hands, can I know if when y'all recommended Maison Fahrenheit if you guys meant the roof top or the main restaurant downstairs ?

NOSA: Well, we went to the roof top because the view is just gorgeous. It's even prettier when the traffic starts to build up. You look down and go, "poor bastards, sucks to be them!".

Oh, when we got in, Cuppy was getting interviewed by some TV station. So close to bae, yet so far.


FOLLY: I was so sad that this place was the biggest let down.

NOSA: Really unfortunate.

FOLLY: Do you remember how excited you used to be the day before you travelled for summer as a kid.

"One more sleep before LONDON !"

That was me for Maison Fahrenheit, I'd been counting down eagerly to this day. 

NOSA: Never did that, but I totes get what you mean.

FOLLY: That's a sign of a poor childhood lowks. Did you also not have a Game Boy ?

NOSA: Rude. I didn't have the old one but I had a Game Boy Color.

FOLLY: The only time I remember being more disappointed than today was when my little brother told me Jesus Navas had acute homesickness and would never leave Sevilla to marry me. 

NOSA: Yeah, I can see why you'd be hurt.

FOLLY: Just look at those dreamy blue eyes ...

Ugh, just lost my focus. Back to talking about food, so Nosa and I have this benchmark by which we judge the priciness of a place and it's "the price of Star".

Yes. Star, the beer.

Any place that charges upwards of N1,000 is expensive. Don't just take our word for it, test it when next you're dining out.

NOSA: This place had N2,000 Star. Fam!

FOLLY: The menu didn't even reflect the price. They must have sent an intern to Doculand to print the menus and buy the clipboard.


NOSA: We got the Mini Fish Platter with their Sweet Potato & Carrot Mash.

FOLLY: Oh, I refuse to be washed by the views and rooftop orisirisi, the food was trash. In fact, Ocean Basket's sea food platters are way better. They didn't even give us budget thousand island out of a bottle, instead the accompanying sauce was basically stew.

NOSA: Ok, I was washed by the view and I wouldn't go as far as calling the food trash. It just wasn't particularly memorable and for a 2-4 person platter, it was unbelievably tiny. I could've chowed the whole rocks on my own.


The fish goujons weren't my favorite, but I really liked the grilled King Prawn. 

FOLLY: Okay yeah I appreciated the king prawns, but the calamari made me sad. 


NOSA: The mash was like pounded yam, but I liked it. Low-key. 

FOLLY: The mash was totes not what I was expecting. I kinda imagined the carrots would have been pureed and completely integrated into the potatoes. I also think they forgot to use sweet potato and used regular potatoes in this batch.


NOSA: The service was so tragic and food took forever. There were only like 6 people in the place so I don't get why it took so long. Bae, aka Cuppy, wasn't even eating anything!

FOLLY: Yup, the waiters also didn't attend to us for ages despite me staring them down. Our food also took ages; the sun had started to set when it arrived and all the good light (for the sake of nice pictures) I was excited about was gone.


NOSA:  Very little bang for buck on this meal. Kiddie portion wasn't the wave.

FOLLY: We were so hungry afterwards that Nosa and I went to Crust & Cream for dessert and it was delish, but that's a story for another day. I had already inhaled my cheesecake when I realized I didn't get a picture.  


Mini Fish Platter - N8,000

Sweet Potato & Carrot Mash - N1,500