EDL Taste Test: Sriracha Prawn Skewers at RSVP

FOLLY: In case you were wondering (and I doubt you were), our last restaurant of 2016 was Toasties and our first restaurant of 2016 was RSVP on New Years Day. 

NOSA: First time we went to RSVP was on Christmas Day 2014, you know?

FOLLY: If I were a contestant on a game show, I could definitely recount the items on RSVP's menu with 90% accuracy. This is because we've been there so many times and tried most of the items on their menu, so whenever we go and see something new like the Sriracha Prawn Skewers, we're always very eager to try it out.

NOSA: RSVP has a couple new things on the menu and this one really caught my eye.

rsvp siracha prawns.jpg

FOLLY: Firstly, sriracha isn't very common in Lagos. This is both on the supermarket shelves or on restaurant menus, and that's another reason why this stood out to me. 

NOSA: I found it in in Rennie's one time. Had to buy it. A bit unrelated, but Sriracha + Honey Mustard is the perfect sandwich dressing.

siracha prawn .jpeg

FOLLY: Also, relative to the other appetizers on the menu, the prawn skewers seemed quite affordable at N3800 for four skewers. 

NOSA: I'm surprised they didn't charge to the high heavens for this. Nobody does cheap seafood in Lagos

FOLLY: In three words, the sriracha prawn skewers were: sticky, sweet and spicy. More sweet than spicy, though so don't expect to experience all the heat of the sriracha sauce.

prawns rsvp lagos.jpeg

NOSA: These are incredibly delicious and I'd pay a couple thousand more this as a main. Maybe with a side of fries or something.  

FOLLY: With pasta. The actual prawns were also still soft and tender and not overcooked and chewy, which was great. Overcooked seafood is something I absolutely hate about most Lagos restaurants.

NOSA: A lot of places never get seafood right and that's really no fault of theirs, for the most part. It must be difficult making shrimp without the overwhelming shrimp-y taste.  

FOLLY: Nah, it's their fault because it's not that hard. 



FOLLY: You have to try this. What I think will be fun would be for RSVP to make a main out of it, maybe a pasta dish, cause I was still craving more after it was done. 

NOSA: Like the Chicken Pops, these are an absolute win on the RSVP menu.