RSVP Christmas


9 Eletu Ogabi Street, Victoria Island, Lagos.

0818 616 6666

NOSA: This year, Christmas didn't really feel like Christmas for some reason. Felt more like Saturday than Christmas.

FOLLY: Yup, Christmas was definitely cancelled this year. 

NOSA: Because misery loves company, we decided to go get Christmas lunch at RSVP. 


NOSA: The interior of RSVP is really cool. It has that loft feel with the exposed ceilings and whatnot.

FOLLY: I got a couple pictures of the interior with my iPhone but they are all fuzzy. *Sadface*

NOSA: Some family was having Christmas lunch when we got there and they swore they'd tension me with all their happiness. No, sir. Not me! I think I spent the entire time hating on their gathering. Because...petty.

For our starter, we got the Machos and the Truffle Mac & Cheese Pucks. According to the menu, machos are "...homemade plantain based tacos". Interesting, no?


NOSA: I really expected a big ass plantain tortilla. It was more nacho than taco, and the lamb tasted more like moist brisket. 

FOLLY: Likewise, and I also expected the lamb to be be ground. A soft nacho though, because it wasn't crispy. It wasn't overwhelmingly "plantainy" either cause you couldn't taste it at all. 

NOSA: "Plantain based", uno?

Photo Dec 25, 4 47 47 PM.jpg

NOSA: The mac & cheese pucks were just deep fried mac & cheese...pucks.

FOLLY: We almost didn't get these but I'm glad we did cause I really liked them.

NOSA: You can blame Folly's quirky sister for that. I really liked these. They had a little sweet kick at the end; probably the truffle drizzle effect.

FOLLY:  The crust didn't overshadow the mac & cheese and it also wasn't the slightest bit hard. 

NOSA: That's what she said!


NOSA: Anyway, enough about that. The mains were the real winners. I LOVED the Chicken Logs. Absolutely loved them. I cried tears of joy when I took my first bite. True story.  


FOLLY: So so glad I didn't order the Christmas menu.There's just one burger on their menu, it's called The Burger and that's what I had(Ed Note: RSVP has a really streamlined menu, there are only three pages to it. There's no Jollof rice, no shoki, no skelewu; just straight up American fare)

So dreamy

So dreamy

NOSA: The chicken logs are really big chicken fingers with a twist - THEY'RE STUFFED WITH CHEESE. Chicken with cheese stuffed in, and deep fried in batter. The crust tasted like Mr. Biggs scotch egg crust.

This is the best thing I've eaten in the last 6 months. I'm not even bullshitting you. It was so so good.


FOLLY: The Burger was our Christmas miracle. I've never been asked how I'd like my burger done in Lagos so I should have taken that as a sign of the greatness that was coming. 

NOSA: I had a couple bites of this. This is the best burger I've had in Lagos. I dare you to find me something better in our city. 

FOLLY: I usually prefer caramelized onions on burgers because I hate biting into onions, however the patty in this was just so tender and juicy that the raw onions in this burger didn't offend me. 

Look at all that pink

Look at all that pink

NOSA: The patty in Folly's burger was very very well made. Pink in the middle and juicy. Just perfect. (Ed note: read that again and it sounds like I'm describing something else). 

FOLLY: The menu described the bun as "homemade" and they didn't lie. It probably came out of the oven minutes before the burger was assembled.


NOSA: If you've followed this blog long enough, you probably have noticed I'm very stingy with my cosigns. There are more paragraphs about things I don't like than things I like. I really liked RSVP, from the food to the space. Everything about it was wonderful. Like, we actually thanked the chef for the meal. It's not the cheapest place but it is definitely worth it.

FOLLY: My drink was "so delushious"! It was vanilla vodka and a mix of berries - I think. It was made with really strawberry juice, the seeds were still all up it. 


Truffle Mac & Cheese Pucks - N3,000

Lamb Machos - N1,900

The Burger - N4,900

The Chicken Logs - N3,000 

Star - N800

Sweet Berry - N2,000