Neither Here Nor There

Roadster Burgers & Grills 

Block A2 Plot 4 Wole Olateju Crescent, Lekki, Lagos

0704 646 1211

FOLLY: I get so cranky when I'm hungry. I hate it when I'm in Lekki and I'm hungry, it's so hard to find something I actually want to eat. Anyways, last time we were at Roadster, we left because it was too hot and there were flies and they didn't want to turn on their gen till 6. I don't blame them, it was during the petrocalypse of April/May. We ended up going to Grill House that day.

NOSA: Yeah, Lekki is has so much and yet so little. I can't really explain it. LivingInLekki is a true champ for her site. Can't click for me, fam. 

FOLLY: Funny story, when we arrived the man ushered into some seedy back lounge and when the bill came he said we were in seating in the VIP area so it was extra N500. LOL 

NOSA: The waitress in the VIP area wasn't the brightest either. We asked for a menu and she goes, "well, we have food & drink". Yes, sister, I know that. What type of food and drink?

Anyway, some other guy brings the menu and I order their cheesesteak for science, while Folly gets the Insanity Burger.

FOLLY: I ABSOLUTELY loved their wedges. They have ALL the hands. 

NOSA: Wedges > Fries. Not even a question there.  

FOLLY: I've not really heard from anyone whose been to Roadster, it's not blown like BBQ & Cravings. The location is terrible too. 

NOSA: Eh, the location isn't terrible per se. It's in main Lekki, which is a plus, but the surrounding area is a bit off. Can't quite put my finger on why.

FOLLY: Yeah not the actual location per say, I mean the seating and the space, that's what I don't like. 

I really didn't like my burger at all. It was neither bad nor good, but I was really hungry so I still wolfed it down. The mushrooms should also have been grilled, you can't just put fresh mushrooms on a burger without doing anything to them. The flavour won't for lack of a better word, 'gel' with the rest of the sandwich.

NOSA: It had mushrooms? 

Also, on their Instagram they have a lot more burger options compared to the actual place. Maybe we went to the wrong Roadster.

My cheesesteak came out a bit late because they wanted to heat up the bun. Thought that was weird, but hey ho. 

The cheesesteak was pretty decent for a sandwich, but pretty shit for a cheesesteak. The cheese was proper but it had lettuce and ting. Never had a cheesesteak with lettuce in it.  They chould have called it the "Ground Beef Sub" or some shit. That would've been a more apt name. 

As for the fries, well, they were dead like Urban Fuxion fries. Needed salt.


FOLLY: For the same price at BBQ & Cravings or Urban Fuxion, you'll get a way better burger. 

NOSA: On the whole, it's not bad but it's not as good as the BBQ & Cravings. Their burgers on Instagram look like bae though. Too bad you can't find them on the menu. 



Insanity Burger - N3000

Philly Cheesesteak - N3000