Lekki Gets A New Burger Joint

Roadster Burgers Bar & Lounge 

Plot 25 Admiralty Way, Lekki One, Lagos

0704 646 1211

NOSA: Roadster got a new spot. Like, a proper one.

FOLLY: A "burger bar & lounge".

NOSA: I think the Roadster guy is the Nigerian dream coming to fruition. He started out as the manager of the restaurant at 3 Cousins and a Crook*. From there, he went on to start up Roadster Burger Bar. Last year, he went to culinary school in England and a couple weeks ago, he opened up the new Roadster spot. It’s one thing when you hear about entrepreneurship,  but it’s a different kettle of fish when you witness the growth first hand. 

FOLLY: You'd think Nosa got told the story first hand.

NOSA: 2nd hand is close enough.


NOSA: Shouts to him, though

We got a margarita and a mojito to kick things off. The drinks weren’t particularly good, but thanks to the sunset, the pictures looked great. Somehow that makes things even for me.

FOLLY: The bartender even had all the mojito tekkers cause I watched him make it. He even used fresh strawberries in my margarita but something about both was flat and neither was sweet. 


NOSA: I got the Pancake Burger as my main. I’ve seen this on the Roadster Instagram a couple of times so I was definitely looking forward to it.

Unfortunately, it was a bit of a disappointment for me. 

The pancakes could have done with more syrup.

FOLLY: It really just needed more maple syrup 


NOSA: First of, it’s a burger patty sandwiched between two pancakes then sandwiched AGAIN between two burger buns. The burger buns were absolutely unnecessary so I got rid of mine. 


FOLLY: See that there? They should have drizzled it with syrup. I think the cook was overzealous with the buns because on their Instagram the picture of the pancake burger doesn't have bread.


NOSA:  The real disappointing bit is that this could be a whole lot more. Felt like Roadster restrained themselves a bit on this burger. It could have been a decadent tribute to gluttony, but it fell disappointingly short. 


FOLLY: Once again, I let Nosa jedi me into ordering the Drake Burger when what I really wanted was the Insanity Burger because of the caramelized onions and mushrooms it had, but sometimes 'order for the culture'.

Anyway, for me, onions are key in a burger and these didn't have any so that put me off everything. However, for what it's worth the bun was really good quality.


NOSA: Oh, and the burger needed better cheese. Major key. 

FOLLY: Certainly. The menu also said my burger would be coming with swiss cheese but instead I got  a cheddar slice. 


NOSA: The burger ideas are pretty innovative and if he’d just focused on burgers, they’d probably be a lot better. There’s no need for that breakfast menu. I can excuse the ribs and chicken, but not the others. But then again, I can understand why he isn’t cornering this niche market and not pandering to my idealism. 

FOLLY: The pulled BBQ chicken here is solid, had it once at their other location, 77 emoji flames at least. I'm still struggling to see why the burger I ordered was named after Drake. If Drake was a burger, I'd imagine something with poutine in it cause Canada.

NOSA: Lagos needs a dedicated burger joint because this one is not it.



Mojito - N2000

Margarita - N2000

Drake Burger - N3000

Pancake Burger - N2500



You car might get blocked in but parking's available. 

*Correction: An earlier version of this review incorrectly stated that the owner of Roadster Burger Bar & Lounge started out as a cook at BBQ & Cravings.