Road Chef Strikes Out with the Nashville Roadster

NOSA: If you’ve been out and about on the internet, you’ve probably seen RoadChef advertising their new sandwich - the Nashville Roadster.

NOSA: I’d normally ignore RoadChef ads, but this one caught my attention. A good looking chicken sandwich is a hard thing to pass up.

FOLLY: I never notice Road Chef ads - ever. I'm probably not in their advertising profile on Twitter or Instagram. 


NOSA: On paper, the Nashville Roadster is a spicy crispy chicken breast + slaw + pickles + bun.

In reality, it’s ehhh…

FOLLY: To be completely honest, unlike Nosa I didn't hate it, which is surprising because I don't like RoadChef and don't allow Nosa to go to RoadChef even when everything else is closed.


NOSA: First of all, the Cameroon pepper overpowers everything. You can’t taste the chicken or the slaw. We ordered it twice just to be sure it wasn’t a one-time thing, but it appears it’s by design.

FOLLY: It only overpowers everything when there's nothing else in your bite. Those times that I only bit chicken and bread were not fun but when I bit into chicken, 'slaw, and bread I actually thought the sandwich was alright. Then I bit into the pickles because I forgot to pull them out and remembered pickles are ewww.


NOSA: The pepper wasn’t so overpowering on our second attempt at it. The chicken wasn’t a thing you could taste. The sandwich is more Yaounde Roadster than Nashville Roadster.

FOLLY: Fair.

NOSA: If you REALLY love your pepper, you’ll love this. Your dreams of eating bread and pepper have finally come true. If you’re expecting a standard chicken sandwich, prepare to be disappointed because the chicken isn’t there for you to taste it.

FOLLY: Before you eat it, open up the sandwich and make sure the coleslaw is evenly distributed across the bun then you'll likely enjoy it.