Road Chef Pizza? Abort Mission


Ascon Filling Station, Admiralty Way, Lekki Phase I, Lagos

0700 7623 2433

FOLLY: On Saturday, on our way to Nothing To Do In Lagos picnic and against my better judgment, I drove Nosa and myself to RoadChef and ordered a pizza. 

NOSA: Worst. Decision. Ever. 

road chef pizza.jpg

FOLLY: The lady at the drive thru ran through their pizza options and I chose chicken suya because I felt it was the least likely to be imported frozen because they don't make suya "over there".

I was wrong. 

NOSA: RoadChef imports damn near everything frozen, and for some reason Folly thought this would be different.  

road chef lekki.jpg

NOSA: Frozen Pizza, in itself, isn't the worst thing ever. Maybe top 5, but definitely not the worst. I mean, Rice & Stew is still out there frolicking and telling lies.  

My problem with the pizza isn't that it is frozen pizza. It's that they actually charge you a premium for frozen pizza. You might as well walk to Domino's and eat their rubbish. Some people like Domino's so they aren't all that terrible.  

FOLLY: Not only is RoadChef selling frozen bland chicken pizza disguised as freshly made, they sprinkled dry pepper on it as suya pepper because we must all be mugs. 

road chef pizza lekki.jpg

NOSA: TL;DR What a betrayed!


FOLLY: I don't see any reason why RoadChef thought it would be a good idea to sell pizzas. Compared to everything out there, RoadChef pizza fails on taste, quality, value for money everything. It's not even like it's cheap and terrible pizza; it's expensive and terrible pizza. Most Nigerians already think pizza isn't food, and then you throw 'expensive for nothing pizza' into the mix. In summary, it's a no from me. 

NOSA: They were good on value for money until the prices went up. Then, I couldn't rationalize buying a burger with a frozen patty when there are places like BBQ & Cravings and Urban Fuxion that do a better thing for less.




Large Suya Pizza - N3500



It's a drive thru so you shouldn't need to park. However, if you must, there's parking.