A Lot Like Highway Robbery

This branch of Rhapsody's has closed down


19A Agoro Odiyan Street. Victoria Island, Lagos. (Ikeja Branch

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NOSA: Trying to get dinner these days is always so stressful. We spend more time debating about where to eat then actually eating. 

"Can't cross that bridge this night abeg. It's food not woman"

"We've been there before ugg"

"I don't really feel like X"

Rhapsody's was probably like our fifth or sixth option.

FOLLY: I've been to Rhapsody's a couple of times and I've always enjoyed the platters so when we finally hit Rhapsody's up together we had to get it.

NOSA: Rhapsody's might be Nigeria's Chilli's or Applebee's. It feels like they're everywhere.

FOLLY: Nosa suggested we do something fun and rank the items on the platter like we did for small chops. It was a fun thing to do, and it was a really fun evening till the bill came and our eyes cleared but before we get to that let's talk about the food.


NOSA: Because I have the best ideas

1. "Prawn-in-Batter"

NOSA: The whole platter should've been a bucket of these bad boys. 

FOLLY: But there were only 3.  I would gladly have traded the wretched calamari for more of these.

2. Buffalo Wings

NOSA: This was a little cold when we got it, but I liked it. 

FOLLY: Real buffalo sauce on these, loved the tang of the vinegar.

buffalo wings lagos

3. Spring Rolls

NOSA: It's pretty hard to mess spring rolls up. You actually have to put in effort to mess a spring roll up.

FOLLY: The filling was a bit nondescript.

4. Flat Chicken Thing (technical term lol)

FOLLY: I really liked the Chicken strip thing, shame there were only two of it. 

NOSA: I think I ate it all. You were busy taking pictures. 

FOLLY: Smh. 

5. Potato Wedges


FOLLY: Meh. These were better the last time I had them. 


6. Calamari

NOSA: I don't know how you fuck up calamari, but these guys did it. This really should be last, but the beef skewer is just so shit. 

FOLLY: The Thousand Island made these taste a whole lot better than they actually were.

7. Beef Skewer

NOSA: Now, this one was bad. This is the 3rd time I'm getting the platter at Rhapsody's and it's been trash all three times. Mad consistency, fam. 

FOLLY: They for sure do not try with this one, and they are absolutely okay with that. 

NOSA: The platter isn't that great tbh, but it's a lot of food. And who doesn't love a platter?

FOLLY: We probably should have locked up after the platter but nopes we decided to share a main and so got the Chicken Espetada.

rhapsodys lagos food

NOSA: Lemme not front, this thing was delicious but FIVE THOUSAND AND FIVE HUNDRED NIGERIAN NAIRA for this?

Mad ting.

FOLLY: I've never felt more scammed in my life than when our main arrived, except when we went back to Ginger Tapas because a reader suggested it,  but that's a story for another day.

rhapsodys chicken espatada

NOSA: It tasted so good too. 

FOLLY: Just look at that glaze.

FOLLY:  I've never had a Chicken Espatada before and so I didn't expect the skewer thing, but a quick google search revealed that's standard.

I really liked the mash and the chicken was so flavourful, but if it's the flavour I'm paying for, please they can reduce the flavour to increase the amount of chicken. I'll be fine plis.  


NOSA: The consistency on the mash was actually excellent, it just tasted too potato-ey for me. Not enough butter, perhaps. 


FOLLY: I had a pink mojito as my drink. It was a classic mojito with a splash of cranberry. Seeing as it didn't feel like I was drinking ewedu, I'd say it was pretty good. 


FOLLY: The service at Rhapsody's is wonderful. The manager was really helpful in getting us a table cause there was a lot going on. Our food also came out really quickly, and our waiter was pleasant. 

NOSA: The food wasn't bad, but I just couldn't justify the price in my head. 


Rhapsody's Platter - N8000

Chicken Espetada - N5500

Pink Mojito - N2200