Ask Eat.Drink.Lagos XXV

Subject: Recommendation

Message: Hey guys, great job! Ive been to a few of your recs that have become firm favourites.i know you have a love hate relationship with Indian food but have you been to the restaurant at Hotel Victoria Palace on Saka Jojo in V/I? The food is really good; like plain, home cooked Indian food good. They have a very popular buffet on Sundays but I think you should give that a miss and go during the week and order off the menu instead. Word of warning, it is super dingy and cleanliness doesnt seem top of their agenda but hey. Oh and also order butter naan not plain; the plain naan are like crackers. Cheers!
— N.M

NOSA: Look, filth is a mark of authenticity in my books. Don't let anyone say otherwise 

Subject: Recommendations - Restaurants close to Bourdillon Rd

Message: Hiya.
can you recommend restaurants in & around Bourdillon Rd (Ikoyi) I can have lunch during my break time?
Relocated to Lagos about a month ago and not really sure where i can get good meals during my lunch break.

Pls omit Samantha’s Bistro in your suggestions! (I enjoyed the food yesterday but not the service level)
— K.O

NOSA: lol this is awks because I actually liked Samantha's the couple of times  I went solo. Maybe they're great with smaller numbers.

FOLLY: Nah, let's just quit on Samantha's please. 

NOSA: Well, the only other decent spot in the area is Casa Lydia, which is in the other side of Glover

FOLLY: or Wheatbaker if you have ALL the money. The burgers in the Grill room are really good but expensive, but really good..