Ask Eat.Drink.Lagos XXVI

Hi guys,

I came across your blog some 45 minutes ago while searching for the best restaurants to propose to my girlfriend. You guys are doing a great job. Well done!

I’ve read your glowing review of RSVP, Bistro 7, Eko Sky Restaurant and 1415. I’ve never been to any of these places and I need to choose a place that will serve the purpose.

So could you please kindly recommend a good restaurant for the proposal?

Main concerns are view, ambience and quality of food.

Thank you.
— Anonymous (for obvious reasons)

NOSA: I wouldn't propose at RSVP or Bistro 7. Sky Restaurant would be perfect, but the food isn't that great. RED has a great view, but the food isn't the best. 

Go with Sky. You're proposing so forget about the cost. The food is decent enough, but the view is amazing. Here's a little tip: when you go to the bathroom, there's a third door. That door leads to the Eko Hotel roof. I think thy wanted to put some rooftop bar or something there but they haven't started. That's the most amazing view of the island you'll ever find. Some old white lady showed it to me a couple of months ago. Trust me, that's where you want to propose.

FOLLY: Nosa has this down pat. I really have nothing to add.

Hello, pls I need help on gettin apple pie in Lagos. Thank u
— G

NOSA: Honey’s Cupcakes makes a salted caramel apple pie. You can check it out.

FOLLY: Orchid Bistro should also be able to sort you out.

Subject: First Time in Lagos Weekender

Message: I just came across your page and I think y’all are hilarious. Love. I’ll be joining all of the IJGBs in Lagos for the first time ever this December and I’m trying to get a head start on planning (read: I’m bored af at work). It’ll be a short trip- I’ll be flying in from Accra with a friend for just for a weekend. You might have some posts like this already but I’m just begining to peruse your site. What are your top weekend recomendations for a first timer in Lagos trying to stunt hard on the grams?
— AT

NOSA: Stunting on the 'gram? Give them RSVP and Crossroads. Pictures will bang to infinity. We have a little thing coming up in December so if you're around...

FOLLY: And if you want a solid brunch, pick yourself up and go to Bistro 7

Soooo I tried Samantha’s despite the reviews and I HATED it. The waiter guy was all suited up yet so uninformed. The food was awful. Had a club sandwich which tasted like shit with soggy bread. My boyfriend had their burger and it was a mess. Definitely most of what they used wasn’t fresh.
— KE

NOSA: The part you told us not to include? LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

FOLLY: I know the guy you're talking about. First time we came him and I saw him 'on suit', I was so sure he was a chorister in his church choir cause he came in late and it was a Sunday. However, I've seen him in the same baffs every time we've been in there and yes he is clueless.