Dine Under N2500 In Lagos

FOLLY: ICYMI Dollar is UP, Way UP and as a result, more often than not thereisriceathome.

Since we wrote the original list, a couple new spots have popped up and we've also discovered a couple new places that deliver excellent bang for buck.

NOSA: Obviously, this list doesn't include bukas and joints.

Pizza Night at La Taverna - N2500

tvaerna pizza.jpg

FOLLY: Pizza Night is still every Wednesday and Sunday as it was last year. What has changed is that it's now N2500/pizza as opposed to the N2000 it was last year. They've not lost me yet, however, that'll only happen if it hits N3000. 

Chicken Pesto Sandwich at Delis - N2500

delis pesto.jpg

FOLLY: Just don't be a rookie and get it on sandwich bread like the first time I was here, the brown baguette is THE way to go. 

NOSA: Never get white bread at Delis. It's an absolute waste.

English Breakfast @ Churchill Pub - N2500

churchill english breakfast.jpg

FOLLY: This is one of the best "extra-value" english breakfasts you'll get in Lagos.

NOSA:  "Pubs" in Lagos tend to be relatively cheaper than restaurants in Lagos and make better food than most. I don't know how they do it, but they do. There's the obvious ambience trade off, but I still don't get how a place like Churchill can offer an infinitely better breakfast at a better price point than a BLD down the road.

10 Piece Chicken Wings @ Urban Fuxion - N2000

urban fuxion wings.jpg

FOLLY: When they first changed the sauce on their wings I was like "Which Nigerian told these people to add Yaji to their spice rub". I will admit it has grown on me now and I actually prefer it to their original recipe. That said, you're talking to the girl that has a bottle of their burger sauce in her fridge. Do NOT ask me how I got it though, and I should probably return it. 

NOSA: You can get 12 wings for N2500 at Wings n Sides (who have arguably better wings) but it's like N500 to deliver. So yeah, doesn't make the cut.

Sweet Potato & Corned Beef Egg Sauce at Terra Kulture - N2100

terra kulture.jpg

NOSA: This is the only thing I ever get at Terra Kulture and it's probably the best thing on the menu. I say that as someone who has only had one thing at Terra Kulture.

FOLLY: Almost all meals at Terra Kulture are under N2500. My favorite thing here is Asaro, and it alone is N800. When I get it with stewed beef it's N1800 which, in my opinion, is not bad at all.