Searching For The Best Burger In Lagos

Surface Bar @ Radisson Blu

1a Ozumba Mbadiwe Road, Victoria Island, Lagos

0708 061 0000

FOLLY: So this review on Radisson is a combination of two separate visits, we might be back for a third again to review their brunch because at 11k/head, have to get that money up first.

NOSA: EDL proposes, bank account disposes. 

Meanwhile, does anybody know the real gist behind Radisson closing down? I heard the old employees went on strike and Oba Otudeko just fired them all. Sounds a little harsh. Any of you Lagos people know what actually happened?

FOLLY: The first time we went, Nosa took me there to watch football. On the match, it was pretty disappointing cause I believe Luke Shaw broke his leg or something of that nature, sad times. 

NOSA: Let's not talk about that. 

FOLLY: I can speak more on the food though, we got the bar platter which had asun, chicken wings, suya and a couple mini burgers to share.

NOSA: I really liked the platter. It might not be up many alleys, but it worked for me. The suya tasted a little bit like kilishi. It wasn't tough or dry or anything, the spice was just eerily similar. The asun and the wings were marinated in what was more or less spicy stew. The wings were very tender too. 

FOLLY: Overall, the platter was decent but Radisson is quite expensive and on this platter there's hardly any value for money.

NOSA: Fair enough. 

FOLLY: The individual pieces were pretty good but the asun at Winehouse is infinitely better. 

NOSA: Oh, that's true. The asun didn't have that "smoky" taste that you usually expect from asun. The mini burgers tasted like mini Mr. Biggs burgers, which worked for me because they were tiny and not some full blown thing. Oh, I LOVED the chips. They were thin cut like crips and shit.

FOLLY: Nosa has always been a the puff-puff for dessert tip, so when we saw that Hans & Rene (which is in the Radisson premises) was serving puff-puff and gelato as an Independence Day special, in there like swimwear, natch.

NOSA: Garra fall in. 

Anyway, Folly and I split the 5 Spice Chicken Burger and the Blu Burger.

FOLLY: The patty in the Blu Burger was excellent event though it was well done. I'm sure if it was cooked medium well, it'll have been even more spectacular.

NOSA: Yeah, the patty on this was pretty good and the bun too, low-key. 

FOLLY: My only issue with RSVP's burger is how dry it sometimes comes out cause there's no sauce in it. Thankfully, Radisson's Blu burger had a nice "chutney" going on with it. I also like the garlic mayo thing in the chicken burger. 

NOSA: That's funny because I hated the garlic mayo thing. I wish the chicken burger had the aioli or whatever that was that came the fries. 

FOLLY: When I get my money up, I'll be back for the Texan Burger. 


FOLLY: I came here one evening when they were having a special Johnnie Walker night for drinks. The girls looked like Oscars and the ambiance was lit. Too bad I hate Red, Black, Blue & Gold label so I didn't try their Johnnie Walker specials. However, their regular cocktails were delicious and at N1500 - N2000 per drink that's about regular Lagos cocktail prices.

NOSA: I really like Radisson. The food is decent and the space is amazing. What I do hate is the fact it's expensive as all shits. Like, I know they're trying to price poors out, but come on. 



Blu Burger - N3900

5 Spice Chicken Burger - N3200

Bar Platter - N7000