Ask Eat.Drink.Lagos LXVII


Message: Hi,
Kindly suggest/recommend places to get nice ice-cream and chill.
— O.A


Mainland: Coldstone & Hans & Rene.

V.I: Coldstone, Hans & Rene.

Lekki: Ice Cream Factory, Coldstone, Hans & Rene

Subject: Shisha

Message: Please tell me shisha spots in Lagos that does not cost more than 6k
— L.L

NOSA: I don't think I've ever seen shisha over 6k in Lagos. 

Subject: Suggestions for Surprise Birthday

Message: Hi guys,

My boyfriend’s birthday is next Friday (September 2), and I’d like to plan a surprise thing for him. Since Friday is a weekday, this would obviously have to be after work, and I’d like it to be in an inexpensive place (Yaba, FESTAC, VI or Ikoyi, please not Lekki) where ~15 people can chill, drink and eat cake (and order good food if they want) before going clubbing or whatever else they want to do with their Friday night. Could you please suggest something?

I’ve read a number of your responses to similar questions but those are usually for restaurants, not lounges/bars. In case I overlooked any posts that speak to my specific issue, could you please send me the link(s)?

I’ve also read your reviews of The Long Bar and Pat’s and they both sound like what I’m looking for but I’ve also gotten the impression their seating is more suited for cozy groups of <5. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

Thanks for reading this, and I look forward to hearing from you soon.
— Anon

FOLLY: Long Bar could work. It's inexpensive and it has a very pub-y feel but there's enough space in the outside area for your group to colonize a couple tables or three. I'm not sure of any spots in Festac but I'll ask on Twitter for suggestions for Yaba and ask people to leave comments in this post.

NOSA: I don't know why you said "not Lekki", but I'm assuming it's because Lekki is the hood and in that case, I agree with you. Even if that's not why you said so, Lekki is still the hood and full of ruffians. 

Message: By Bae I mean I have my mind set on the hardrock cafe mainly cause of the environment but about the food I’m not too sure. I’m not too Africanised so I can handle a steak all I want is for you to rate their meal for me from 1-10. if it’s below a 5 please leave names of restaurants you would rate 8 or 9. Please. My budget is 10-20k.

P.s. I love places with good musical backgrounds
— Y.F

FOLLY: Hard Rock is a 5. 

NOSA: If you like "musical backgrounds", I don't know how you can avoid Hard Rock. It was pretty much built for you. Otherwise, there's always Rhapsody, which was our Hard Rock before Hard Rock came to Lagos

Message: Hey Guys,

Weldone! You guys are doing a good job.

Bae and I intend having dinner (on a Weekday, not Friday), need somewhere a bit private (but not dead) where we can get to talk. Food should be great as well.
Please advise.

— T.B

FOLLY: La Taverna.

NOSA: Go to 1415 and ask for the VIP section. That's where Capital Oil eats when AMCON releases names of debtors.