The Queenz

This restaurant has closed down

The Queenz

21A Kofo Abayomi Street, Victoria Island, Lagos.

0814 400 0003. 0811 917 7770

FOLLY: If you see a picture of food from a restaurant on Instagram, check the date it was posted before you invite someone to check it out with you. 

NOSA: Yeah, people do that a lot.

FOLLY: It turns out the picture I saw was from months ago and the restaurant that used to be there had gone out of business. Anyway, that's the cliff notes version of how Nosa and I ended up at a restaurant called The Queenz - African queens, I presume - last Sunday. 

NOSA: Worst idea.

FOLLY: The menu was quite varied, Nigerian, Lebanese, Chinese, one Jamaican thing, and sandwiches/burgers. 


FOLLY: Particularly curious, I decided we should get the hummus to see if these people knew what they were doing. 

NOSA: The hummus wasn't bad lowkey. I liked it.


FOLLY: This isn't the best hummus in Lagos but it wasn't bad either. This was very smooth and I think I prefer my hummus a little chunky. 

NOSA: The didn't have "special" hummus which was a letdown.


FOLLY: The samosas were also good. The key difference between small chops samosa and homemade samosas: the filling tastes like actual minced meat and has flavor. 

NOSA: This was reeaaaly good surprisingly. 

FOLLY: There were signs from the misspellings on their menu but it all went downhill when the mains arrived.

We can start with what was good - the fish and chips. When I ordered, the waitress offered a choice of a spicy fillet, "point & kill" or the battered fillet which I went with. 


FOLLY: There are very few places in Lagos where you can get battered fish and chips like this, in fact, the only other place we found that does it was on the mainland at Londoner's

NOSA: The fish & chips was the main star of the thing. No complaints from me. 


FOLLY: The batter was a bit bland but on the inside, the fish was warm, white and flaky, so that was pretty good. 

NOSA: Idk why Folly is complaining. Her main wasn't bad, you should have seen the disaster of a fajita that I got.


NOSA: You see that sub looking thing? That's what I got as a fajita. I kept asking the waitress if she ordered me the right thing because, as you can see, this is no fajita. I had to deconstruct the sandwich and compare its contents with what it said on the menu. Turns out I was right (obviously) and this was no fajita. The chef made me a chicken sandwich because they were out of avocados. To make it up to me, he fried some bell peppers and put them in the SAME sandwich that I sent back.


NOSA: For what it's worth, this wasn't a terrible chicken sandwich. I'll never order it again, but if you're out for a not-so-good sandwich, you should order this.


FOLLY: Overall, the experience wasn't terrible but there wasn't anything that stood out to me that'll make me want to go back.

NOSA: Abeg, it was terrible.



Fajita - N2200

Samosa - N1200

Hummus - N1500

Fish & Chips - N3000