Purple At The Blowfish Has Too Many Cuisines

Purple @ The Blowfish Hotel

17 Oju Olobun Street. Victoria Island, Lagos

0812 111 1222

FOLLY: We've been to all the other restaurants in the Blowfish family but we've always skipped on Purple. We decided to check it out and then we found out why we'd subconsciously looked away all along. 

NOSA: Because it has one of those menus with a million different cuisines and that's just too stressful for me 

FOLLY: Still a bit high on the glorious pad thai I had last week at Orchid House, I decided to try again at Purple. 



FOLLY: I was very disappointed because there was nothing Thai about this dish, I mean, they had freshly sliced tomatoes and onions in it.

NOSA: I didn't mind it, actually. I mean I ate lots of yours


FOLLY: It was also neither sweet nor spicy, just straight up bland. 

Overall, I wasn't a fan. I considered getting dessert, but the crepe was N3300 so I decided to go home and lick Buttermint.


NOSA: I got the chicken tikka masala as my main.

FOLLY: Nosa's chicken tikka masala was excellent, though. Whatever they lack in Thai chefs, they probably make up for it in Indians.

NOSA: This one surprised me big time. A good type of surprise too. I didn't expect it to be any good but it was absolutely delicious. The only thing I had against it was the unbelievably small portion. At 4K, that's complete robbery.


Because bread and stew used to be my thing when I was little, I got my tikka masala with naan - cheese and garlic

FOLLY: Only one piece of the cheese naan actually had cheese, though so was it really cheese naan?


NOSA: The cheese naan was bang average. A bit of a shame. The garlic naan was slightly better, however.


FOLLY: I love Izanagi, Verandah, and Vellvett. Purple? Not so much. The waiter was an absolute darling, however. 

NOSA: It's a no from me. 



Garlic Naan - N550

Cheese Naan - 1100

Pad Thai Koong - N4200

Chicken Tikka Masala - N4300



Extremely tight