Hotel Brunches: Protea Hotel - Victoria Island

Protea Hotel Victoria Island

 Plot 1700 Violet Yough Close, Victoria Island, Lagos.

01 448 5693

FOLLY: Protea and VCP are two of the deadest hotels in VI. Deadest in terms of how very little they are talked about or visited, I think. I just don't hear anyone talk about them. 

NOSA: I had no idea that this Protea existed until about two weeks ago. My old work commute had me drive past the building every day and I never noticed it.

FOLLY: I've been to both once each for work functions but never for anything social. That said, maybe both their niches are corporate clientele. 

NOSA: They both look like old insurance offices so it makes sense.

protea hotel vi-4.jpg

FOLLY: This past Sunday, Nosa and I checked out the Protea Brunch. Now that I think about it, the staff were waiting on me hand and foot and kept asking if I had everything I needed. We thought it was because they wanted to pack up but since they didn't offer the same service to Nosa I think they thought I was a mother and were trying to celebrate me...

NOSA: Happy Mother's Day!

FOLLY: ...which was awkward. 

NOSA: Reverse sexism?

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FOLLY: The omelet was decent, eggs were fluffy and the cheese was stringy just the way I like it. Although, I'd have like a little bit more mushrooms but that's my fault cause I wasn't standing by while they made it. 

NOSA: I had a couple bites of Folly's omelette and I concur, for a boring hotel buffet, the eggs weren't bad.

A bit of a side note: is it "omelet" or "omelette"?

protea hotel vi-5.jpg

FOLLY: I was busy stocking up my side plate with pastries. I picked the croissant, pain au chocolat and something which I call the chocolate twist. For a small hotel, their pastry selection was decent. They also had cheese danishes, doughnuts, bread rolls and a couple of other things. 

The "chocolate twist" was great but the pain au chocolat much like the croissant was way too dense. The layers were so thick with zero flake.

protea hotel vi-1.jpg

NOSA: I got a bit of a random plate - bacon, chicken sausages, potatoes, and mushrooms. The options weren't really bountiful like other hotels, which is understandable given the price point and the size of the hotel.

The potatoes were a bit flat from sitting outside for so long, which is the major reason I hate buffets. I get the greed angle, but the quality of food is never at the a la carte standard so I can't understand people love buffets so much. This buffet rant is for another day, however. 

The bacon and the chicken sausages were pretty well made, on the other hand.

protea hotel vi-6.jpg

 FOLLY: As I mentioned earlier, even though it was a buffet the staff kept coming around to offer me stuff. Of the items they offered, I accepted fruit, yogurt, and tea. 

NOSA: You were probably glowing because I got none of this excellent service.

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FOLLY: It's really hard to review a buffet restaurant because my experience is really based on what I picked and consistency might be harder to maintain with the batch cooking style of buffets. That said, I think on the day we went Protea delivered excellent value for money. 

NOSA: Protea is a "meh" as far as I'm concerned, but Folly has overruled my verdict. You get what you pay for at Protea. That's the best way to put it.

FOLLY: I do judge Protea (but not hold against them) for not having a better selection of juices or even freshly squeezed juices. 



Breakfast Buffet - N6500 pp



The hotel has a small parking lot.