Why Always Lekki?

Primi Piatti

1C Admiralty Road, Lekki Phase One.

0812 888 8886

FOLLY: This is has nothing to do with the restaurant under review today but I have a question on Lekki. Why always Lekki ?? Riot, fire, robbery, fraudsters.

NOSA: Because Lekki is the hood. Next question.

Has anyone checked out Restaurant Week this year btw? The buzz this year hasn't been as big as I expected.

FOLLY: Sadly, this year we found all the Restaurant Week menus so uninspiring. We went through each one individually to find somewhere new to check out, but it was all so sad. 

NOSA: Everything was so blehhhh

FOLLY: There's an Italian restaurant on the list serving yam chips and dodo. Don't even give me any of that fusion crap because it was basically croacker fish with yam chips as a side. 

Medici and Primi Piatti had the least struggle menus but Medici is on the fine dining section and so is N10k/head. 

NOSA: I thought Primi Patti would be a Fine Dining option, but I guess not. This was also our first meal post cleanse so I was super hungry and whatnot. I went with the RW menu while Folly's weirdo ass didn't.

FOLLY: You're rude sha.   

NOSA: The Long Throat Pepper Soup was so good. It didn't have kidney in it. Or is it liver? You know, the one that tastes funny. I hate that shit with all of my being. 

The bread it came with was a little stale, but I can always let that slide.

For my main, I got the Cajun Spicy Prawns. The Pancetta was tempting, but I didn't feel like diving head first into #FatFam. 

FOLLY: And so you chose cholesterol ? 

NOSA: The prawn wasn't bad. I mean, it tasted exactly like you expect prawn to taste but somehow I felt a little disappointed. This isn't on the the prawn either. I just don't think I'm that big of a prawn person. Late realization, I know. It's like finding out you're lactose intolerant when you're of Nigerian babe marriage age. It's not you, it's me, Mr. Prawn. 

FOLLY: I didn't copy Nosa but I got the Cajun Spicy Fish. I know what Cajun spice tastes like or at least what Five Guys taught me to believe was Cajun, this fish was not. The salsa thing was nice though.

This is random but my sister hates the word 'nice' she thinks it's used when you really have nothing to say, and so to her it's a patronizing compliment. Do you agree ? 

FOLLY: I'm on a one man protest against struggle fries. As such, these days, if I'm on the fence about the quality of a restaurant's fries, and mashed potatoes or wedges aren't on the menu as sides, I choose rice. Nosa thinks this is a pedestrian choice but he's not my God.    

NOSA: The Brownie in a Mug was a no brainer to me. Unfortunately, that was no brownie. I could forgive the Supreme ice cream, but definitely not the brownie. It felt soft and elastic, almost like raw batter. The chocolate used wasn't the best either.

FOLLY: Funny thing, Nosa offered me to taste but then withdrew the offer as it wasnt worth me eating milk for.  


NOSA: It wasn't a bad experience, but it wasn't great either. Felt like this place was missing a little something and I can't quite put my finger on it. My gut feeling says they have good pasta though. I'll go back for that.

FOLLY: Possibly. They also have a live band if that's your thing.  



Restaurant Week Prix Fixe - N6800

Spicy Cajun Fish - N4800