Lowkey Rocks

This restaurant has closed down

Posh Art Cafe

21 Cameron Road. Ikoyi, Lagos.

0803 358 8022 

FOLLY: A little back story on how we got here. Nosa had the absolute shittiest day prior, those Eko bridge tankers made his life miserable so I wanted to find something that'll cheer him up a bit. When I ran into this place on Instagram it looked like it'll be perfect and it absolutely was. 

NOSA: The night was an absolute madness. Spent two hours in Eko Bridge traffic. Tried going through 3rd Mainland Bridge, then I got lost in Yaba and my gas light came on. I left work at 5 PM and I didn't get home until late 9ish. Lagos is trying to kill me FFS.

Folly, being the wonderful person that she is, brought me here. This place might have the chillest space in Lagos. Jumped right over Churrasco (pains me to type) and the rooftop bar at Maison Fahrenheit.


The picture doesn't do it proper justice. It's built in the same modernist vein as the Folawiyo house and Alara. This place would be so perfect for a day party, like a Vegas spring break rocks. 

FOLLY: We started with a pair of Henny Berrys.


NOSA: The menu isn't the most extensive thing. A bit thin and not in a good way like RSVP. No real theme to it either. I can't come out and say "Posh Cafe is for italian" or "Posh Cafe is for American fare". It looks like it's just a whole bunch of shit the Chef knows how to make. I don't believe they're fully open yet so I guess we can blame it on that. 

 That's it, fam.

That's it, fam.

FOLLY: I have to give it to them for their chicken wings. We've been here twice already and it's the only thing worth ordering on their food menu. Posh's main draw is the space and their drinks.  

The chicken wings actually tasted like they were marinated in seasoning and not just smothered in barbeque sauce and thrown on a grill (not that I didn't appreciate the smothering). They were also tender which I think means they were slow cooked. 


I can even absolutely excuse the fact that they used whole chicken wings and not the smaller wingettes cause these were so well made.

NOSA: Yeah, they were full wings like the ones at Otres, but miles better. Posh wings weren't as stressful to eat as Otres' either. Like, they actually marinated the wings and didn't just paint it with BBQ sauce. And the BBQ sauce...Omggggg. It had this spicy kick to it. Look, the wings were fantastic abeg.

FOLLY: The only way these could be eaten were with all five fingers. Allow the fork and knife please.

NOSA: For our mains, Folly got the Beef Burger and I got the Spicy Jumbo Prawn with Yam Chips


FOLLY: If I'm going to tell it like it is, this burger was a waste of money. 

It was a very mediocre burger for N3000. Don't do it, especially since you can get their bomb ass chicken wings for the same price. 


NOSA: It really should be like N1500 or N1000. The thing is like a Zippy burger from Chicken Republic or one of those burgers you make for yourself at barbecues. 


FOLLY: Awks, this wasn't what I was expecting with the grilled jumbo prawns, as this was just prawns in oily stew. 

NOSA: The stew is definitely your cook's spec. Just look at the ororo all over the thing.  

FOLLY: Man, just look at all that ororo.


NOSA: Let's ignore the fact that the prawn wasn't really "jumbo", this wasn't bad. I mean, it's Yam & Stew for N3000 (sidenote: it says N2500 on the menu, but said N3000 on the bill) but it's good Yam & Stew. It could be worse. You could be paying the same amount for stale plantain.


FOLLY: Posh Cafe is a new fave but it's really not somewhere you come for the food, at least not yet. They just opened maybe they'll work out any kinks they're having with the menu and their kitchen.

NOSA: Eat in your house abeg.

FOLLY: However, it IS absolutely somewhere that you'd love to spend a chill friday night or Saturday afternoon/evening. The space is well done and it's "hidden" in Ikoyi so it's very lowkey. Their drinks are really good and the ambiance? You could forget you're in Lagos...until the gen goes off. 

NOSA: This is a proper post-work rocks. They might snatch 355's spot. 

FOLLY: They also have shisha.

NOSA: There's this one waiter who comes to remind you about it like eleventy billion times. 


Henny Berry Cocktail - N2000

12 Chicken Wings - N3000

Beef Burger - N3000

Grilled Prawn with Yam Chips - N2500