We Gave Pizza-Riah Another Chance


13, Musa Yardua Street, Victoria Island, Lagos

0802 099 40500810 680 0744

NOSA: For a period, we considered Pizza-Riah to be the best pizza place in Lagos despite the terrible service. That was a long time ago, however, and in that period, we've stumbled on La Taverna and La Verandah.

FOLLY: That seems like eons ago. We even reviewed them on this blog and took terrible pictures and went ahead to post them like that because we had no standards. Thankfully, we've come a long way from there. In fact, the main reason we went back to Pizza-riah was to update the review with better pictures. 

NOSA: Since our last visit, Pizza-Riah hasn't just renovated their outdoor area but they've improved their service as well. We walked in and a waiter was at our table in no time.

FOLLY: Another waiter stumbled on us and didn't just walk past. He stopped to ask if we've been attended to. Even when they initially brought us the wrong pizza than what we ordered, they quickly changed it with no fuss. 

NOSA: Very unlike the Pizza-Riah of before. It's still "cash only" though. Some things can never change.

NOSA: The suya half of our pizza was surprisingly good. I expected them to skimp on the suya and offer something of lower quality than the norm, but I was very wrong. We got proper suya on our pizza and the combination worked. These guys need to give Intercontinental Hotel some tips on this.

FOLLY: The cheese and the yaji of the suya were a perfect combination. I think the issue with the Intercontinental's shaki pizza was that the shaki, sadly isn't tender enough. 

NOSA: A little sidenote, our beer came in a champagne bucket. Haha!

FOLLY: This is definitely meme worthy. I just need to overlay "champagne on a beer budget" on the picture. Can one of you guys be a lamb and do it for me? 

NOSA: I wasn't the biggest fan of the Alla Lucas half of our pizza. A little too much onion on it for me. Clearly, I'm not the target market. It was really spicy though. If you're into that sort of thing.

FOLLY: The Alla Lucas half was a little cold, and I agree the onions were too much. If I had any sense, I'd have suggested we get the Funghi pizza instead since I wanted the mushrooms. I've had it here before and it's a way better mushroom pizza than this one.


NOSA: We ordered the cold cuts platter to start, but it came a long time after our pizza. Another thing that hasn't changed. Don't bother with starters at Pizza-Riah. They'll never be ready on time.

FOLLY: The parma ham was average but I loved the prosciutto and the pepperoni, especially the pepperoni. La Taverna has really spoilt me for parma ham, they have the best I've tasted in Lagos. 

NOSA: The platter was pretty good, but you'll rarely encounter a bad cold cut platter in your life. The restaurant will have to work hard to serve you a terrible one. Even Basillico has a decent one.


NOSA: Pizza-Riah is comfortably the 3rd best pizza place in Lagos

FOLLY: I had their cheesecake once and it was delicious. I couldn't get it this time for a review as we'd run out of cash :( 



Cold Cuts Platter - N3500

Combi Pizza - N3500

Radler - N700