Post Work Rocks: Humpday Wednesday

The only thing better than a cold one after work especially on a humpday like today  or on a sunny Saturday afternoon, is a cold one with friends. 

 Or, what if drinking was a group sport? Like there was a big bowl, and each team had to drink theirs the fastest. Okay, yeah maybe that's childish.

Pitchers are usually are good deal, if there's a bunch of you and no one sneaks off before the bill arrives. We've rounded up our favourite places for "pitchers" in Lagos. 


NOSA: The strawberry margarita pitcher at Bottles are very very potent. You'll get carried away by the sweetness of it and you'll find yourself on the floor. I did it solo one time because I thought I was the champion of this drinking thing. 


bottles pitcher

FOLLY: They are really so sweet

DAMAGE - N6,500

Cafe Royale

FOLLY: While their food is absolutely scraps, their cocktails are 100 flame emojis. You can also get any of the margarita flavours pitcher size, I'd recommend the pineapple.


NOSA: I like this one, but it isn't as strong as the one at Bottles. You'll need a couple if you're trying to get to that good place.   

DAMAGE - N6,000


FOLLY: Definitely the Wahalarita. What I don't understand is why this pitcher is more expensive than the other flavours. Differentiated pricing I guess.. :( 


NOSA: I really hate that the wahalarita is so expensive. 

DAMAGE - N8000

Lotus at Pattaya

FOLLY: If margs aren't your thing, a fishbowl at Lotus @ Pattaya is definitely for you.

fishbowl pattaya lotus lagos

NOSA: I was a bit disappointed that the one fishbowl I wanted didn't have the candy it should come with. A bit of a scam on that front. As for the drink itself, it really sneaks up on you. I didn't think much of this until I stood up and oh, boy. 

DAMAGE - N5000 (Wednesdays & Fridays)