New Openings: Pinkberry & Krispy Kreme Have Landed

FOLLY: Last last week, Pinkberry opened their first two stores in Lagos! For the uninitiated, Pinkberry is an American frozen yogurt franchise best known for their tart original froyo - which I happen to love. 

pinkberry price table

NOSA: Pinkberry in Lagos had been in the works for quite a while. We can thank the guys behind Dominos and Coldstone for this. An investment banker friend mentioned a deal was being structured roughly a year ago and suddenly it makes sense why Dominos opened up a second location on Admiralty.

cookies and cream fro yo at inkberry

FOLLY: If you're an ice-cream aficionado that loves sweet things, Pinkberry may not be for you because it's strikingly tart.

NOSA: They really take the yogurt part serious. 

FOLLY: Also, if you're one of those that stays locked up in the comment section of our Hans & Rene posts, that Coldstone is better, it's probably also not for you.

pinkberry toppings

NOSA: This might be me reaching, but I think Pinkberry's presence in Lagos will be fantastic for Sweet Kiwi. For the last couple of years, Sweet Kiwi has been pushing the froyo agenda in Lagos with moderate success. Pinkberry's arrival and the Dominos relationship will do a lot in reshaping mass affluent attitudes towards froyo. As soon as Lagosians start looking at froyo as a "thing", logic suggests that Sweet Kiwi should see more foot traffic. 

Well, that's what I think at least. 

FOLLY: It also helps that the price point is pretty affordable. 


FOLLY: If you've been following on social media, you'll know Krispy Kreme donuts have also landed in Lagos

NOSA: Krispy Kreme does not open shop until March but they've been really active with their pre-launch marketing activity.

FOLLY: And if your office is really popping, you've probably had Krispy Kreme come visit for a donut drop by now.

NOSA: They've picked the perfect launch location in Ikeja City Mall too. ICM is a very heavy traffic spot and Ikeja is starving for spots so it's a win-win for all parties.  

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NOSA: Gist is that a VI location will follow in the middle of the year.