The Sports Bar Lagos Deserves

Pat's Bar

292C Ajose Adeogun, Victoria Island. Lagos.

0709 425 3393

NOSA: I’ve been on the hunt for a decent sports bar for a while now. Watching the game is great, but watching it in bar with absolute strangers is even better. I tried Bukka Hut when I just moved back, it worked for a while but that fufu stench was unreal. Couldn’t click. 

Anyway, I dragged Folly to Pat’s Bar with me for the Arsenal-United game. Pat’s is another spot stacked with expats. I’ve driven past the place over a million times and never noticed. Always figured it was some insurance company or something. The space is pretty decent. The beer garden on the outside is a quality touch and the interior is not a let down either. 

FOLLY: Before we started this blog every time I found somewhere cool in Lagos, I kept it to myself and told only trusted people with the following admonishment "don't loud it". I have this irrational fear of things I like becoming mainstream. 


That said, Pat's Bar is one of those places that I would certainly have kept all to myself. The best way to describe is to call it "foreign". I realize that may not make any sense so let me explain: it really is that so many places in Lagos call their establishments "sports bars" when in reality they aren't. They all lack the unassumingness and the lack of extravagance (ignoring the tens of flatscreen TVs) that the American sports bars that I'm used to have.


NOSA: But forget about all that, that's not why we're here. The most important thing here is that a bottle of Star at Pat’s is N550. I know, it blew my mind too. Churrascos has been extorting us with their outrageous prices, lads! For something that’s so cheap on the streets, I’ll never understand how it gets marked up so much. Do these owners think we’re all stupid? Well, I guess we are or I am, at least. I willingly drop legal tender for overpriced Star.

It’s not just the beer that’s cheap, the food is too. The most expensive thing on the Pat’s menu was about N5000 and I think it was a ribeye or something, which is absolutely justified. 

FOLLY: We sat at the bar and it was super cosy, I loved all the bar signs and the metal carvings of the crests of popular English football clubs. Unfortunately, the bartender Sola didn't warm up to me as well as Kingsley did which is odd, because I'm really cute. In fact after Nosa ordered his Star, Sola offered me "cranberry juice". Back me up here guys but that's sexist right?

NOSA: Defs sexist.

FOLLY: I wish they had Corona so I could have ordered one and he would have been so stunned - I don't even really like Corona, it would just have been to prove a point. Blue Moon and Shock Top are beers! Anyone know where I can find either in Lagos?


When you order wine by the glass here, they give you these cute little bottles so I just had to have one - but I didn't stop there I got THREE. Let me help you out in case you were wondering how much wine that was: each little bottle gives you 1.5 glasses - stop judging me please. The wine itself was terrible but you could have guessed that by just looking at the label.


NOSA: I’m always wary of people without the necessary experience giving verdicts on food. For instance, people saying Chipotle makes the best Mexican food. Indulge my food-hipster a bit here, but Chipotle isn’t even “real” Mexican food.


With that said, I got the Cottage Pie. I’ve never had it before, well sauf the TV Dinner iterations,  so I’m no connoisseur. But I think this was very good. The mashed potato crust was simply perf. The consistency was excellent, unlike the mashed potatoes at Bistro 7. Also, the fries might be the best I’ve had in Lagos so far but that’s a discussion for another day. 

As for the game…HAHAHAHAHAHA.

FOLLY: One last thing that blew my mind about Pat's. Nosa and I might have been the only ones watching the EPL match as there was also a rugby match going at the same time that the whole expat crowd was way more focused on. All the prime TVs had the rugby game on. Also, there was one time that Nosa and I weren't paying attention and the bar erupted and so we thought we had just missed something so we were waiting for the replay only to clock that they were screaming about the rugby. Incredible scenes.


Cottage Pie - N1500

Beer - N550

Mini Wine Bottle - N1150