Party With DJ Obi At The Lagos Brunch Party

NOSA: Made any plans for Sunday brunch?

FOLLY: Nope, but you weren't asking me were you?

NOSA: Word on the street is that starting tomorrow, Brown’s Cafe is going to have a brunch party every other Sunday. There’ll be Chicken & Waffles, Eggs Benedict, Full English, and the standard brunch fare. 

NOSA: Oh, there’ll be music too. I’m pretty sure you’ve gleaned that from the title.  

FOLLY: Why, thank you Captain Obvious.

NOSA: But yeah, Lagos’ own World Record Breaking DJ Obi is going to be there too. Do you think DJ Obi gets introduced like that all the time?

FOLLY: Yeah I think he does now, at least, all on Nigerian websites and recent events. 

NOSA: If I broke a world record, you better be introducing me by that whenever I come through. Write it on the wedding invitation you’re sending me too lol. 

FOLLY: Anyway, it's 11 - 4pm, this Sunday October 2 at Brown's Cafe in VI.

NOSA: For more deets follow @brownscafelagos on Instagram.