Pancake Hub Is A Breakfast Darling in Yaba

Pancake Hub

17 Jibowu Street, Yaba, Lagos.

0802 259 1961

NOSA: Before we start anything, the security guy is an ass.

FOLLY: Staying anon during a review has never required as much commitment as this visit to Pancake Hub. Pancake Hub is a small, family run restaurant. I've gleaned from their Instagram page that Ada, is the matriarch and founder of the Pancake Hub.

NOSA: The owners are so cute. She handles the kitchen and he checks up on everyone.

FOLLY: Same model as RSVP & Craft Gourmet, but at Pancake Hub their children also make themselves useful at the restaurant (term used loosely here). The older son seemed to have some responsibilities while we were there, and there's a picture of him flipping pancakes on their Instagram page - not for paying customers, though, it was a free pancake stand he was manning when the picture was taken. There was an older man that I think is the husband, he was also on his feet making sure customers were comfortable while Ada was in the kitchen cooking.  

 NOSA: Yup, that's her husband.

The seating area in Pancake Hub is strictly outdoors and the yard could do with some work. Add that to the fact that the security guard is an ass, Pancake Hub doesn't make a good first impression. They have vegan pancakes, though, so that makes up for it

FOLLY: There's one main meal on their menu which is the Pancake Meal, everything else is a side or add on. The Pancake Meal consists of 3 pancakes, eggs, and sausage. Nosa and I had one pancake meal each. 

eatdrinklagos pancake hub yaba-2.jpg

NOSA: The have stewed chicken and meatballs as sides btw. I don't know why you'd do such a gross thing, but it's there for the weirdos out there.

FOLLY: Taking good pictures for this review was especially difficult because of the sheer number of owners and deputy owners on the floor, We hadn't eaten for like 10 minutes after our food was placed on the table because we were waiting for all their backs to be turned to us. 

eatdrinklagos pancake hub yaba-3.jpg

NOSA: The pancakes taste very homely and not in a bad way. Imagine your mother making you pancakes from scratch on Saturday morning. All of the love and none of the store bought pancake mix. The pancakes are infinitely better than what you get at Brown's and arguably better than RSVP's.

eatdrinklagos pancake hub yaba-4.jpg

FOLLY: I strongly doubt Pancake Hub uses boxed pancake mix because these pancakes were glorious. Incredibly fluffy on the outside and golden brown on the outside. The consistency on the exterior of the pancake would have been more even if Pancake Hub used a griddle to fry their pancakes as opposed to a regular frying pan on a stove as the heat would have been more evenly distributed. I do strongly believe that they should consider switching to a griddle because using a frying pan for a restaurant like theirs is very inefficient. If their Instagram page is any indication they can only make 3 pancakes at a time.

NOSA:  The "sausage" is a hot dog and the eggs weren't particularly memorable. 

eatdrinklagos pancake hub yaba-1.jpg

FOLLY: The scrambled eggs were my desired level of doneness, yellow and not hard fried. I agree on the 'sausage' though, it was basic, but I don't want to nitpick because the pancakes were really good so it made up for the hot dog. 

NOSA: Exactly. That's not why we're here. These pancakes are top 5 in Lagos easy.  If UNILAG kids and Yabacon aren't hip to Pancake Hub yet, they're seriously slacking.


FOLLY: Seeing as they have this pancake thing down pat, I think they should introduce other pancake variants. The pancake was so fluffy that a chocolate chip in it would just be divine. Or apple, blueberry, pineapple pancakes? If the owner of Pancake Hub is reading this, please add the chocolate chip pancakes because I want to come back for them. 

NOSA: I really hope they get a bigger/better space too. They're way too good for their current location. 



Pancake Meal - N1000



There's parking inside the compound. 

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