Palm Wine And Other Local Drinks At Studio Of Modé

FOLLY: If Mai Tai’s and Long Island’s have never been your thing, here’s an opportunity to try locally brewed alcoholic drinks at Studio of Modé.


NOSA: I’m surprised no one has taken a look at our local alcohol industry and cleaned it up a bit. There’s no one brewing burukutu on a large scale or anything. In any other country, we’d have bartenders making crazy stuff with ogogoro.

FOLLY: When I think of locally produced alcohol, I only know palm wine and ogogoro. I don’t know if ogogoro is the name of the drink, or is just a local word for hooch.

NOSA: Someone should tell Ringier to stop making those knockoff Battabox videos and give us money to taste locally produced alcohol. Like, a pair of Nigerian Anthony Bourdains.

FOLLY: That’s the cue for any of the traffic light colored banks to steal that idea in 3, 2, 1 ...

NOSA: Anyway, the big idea behind this exhibition by Studio of Modé is to enlighten people about indigenous alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. There’ll be tastings of drinks like palm wine, burukutu, pito, kunu, and whatnot.

FOLLY: Of the drinks that’ll be on offer, only a couple of them are familiar to me so it’s definitely going to be a learning experience too. To be fair, burukutu sounds like a dance.

NOSA: There’ll be food too. Nkwobi, asun, etc.

FOLLY: Important Details:

Date: Two days: Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th August 2016
Where: Studio of Modé (4 Olumo Street, Parkview, Ikoyi)
Fee: N3000 and you can get tickets here

Also, you see the trailer below:


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