Can Orchid Bistro Bring their Ikeja Magic to Ikoyi?

FOLLY: Ikeja's neighborhood darling is now in Ikoyi. It's a small space as expected since the vibe they are likely going for is an intimate bistro/cafe look and feel. 

NOSA: When I found out it was going to be off Awolowo Road, I was super disappointed. I can't even front at all.

But on arrival, I was less so. I mean, it is still off Awolowo and Awolowo is still the worst place on earth. But...and a big BUT, Orchid Bistro Express is just so tastefully done up.

FOLLY: The decor is very intentional because the first thing you see when you walk in are orchid at the bar while on your approach there is some greenery in the outdoor area. It's not quite Green Village transplanted to Ikoyi from Ikeja, but it will, without a doubt, suffice. 

NOSA: It is a shame, however, that all the decor still have price tags on them. Is there any place in Lagos with a return policy?

All that aside, this is the perfect space for brunch. The natural light and the outdoor area? 

Just perfect.

If the owners of Orchid Bistro ever stumble on this blog, they need to hit us up because we totes have the best idea for the space.

FOLLY: Mozzarella sticks aren't the something I'd normally order but my interest in the stringy cheese bars was piqued on this day and thankfully Orchid bistro delivered.

orchid bistro express-1.jpg

NOSA: I've never had mozzarella sticks in Lagos so I pleasantly surprised by the one at Orchid Bistro.

FOLLY: The cheese was, in fact mozzarella and not rolled processed cheese slices. This is not a slight at Orchid Bistro because I didn't expect any less of them.

NOSA: I mean, they have an actual BLT on the menu.

FOLLY: However, at the same time, it shouldn't be taken for granted because of the little importance many Lagos restaurants place on using quality cheese. 

orchid bistro express-5.jpg

FOLLY: I took Nosa's approach to ordering and I went for one of the most expensive entrees: the Braised Oxtail. The menu stated that it came with Pilaf Rice but the waiter asked if I'd prefer mashed potatoes instead, I did. 

The oxtail was braised in a rich tomato sauce that I really enjoyed with the mashed potatoes.

orchid bistro express-6.jpg

NOSA: I'm surprised Folly liked it because I thought the mash was clumpy and certainly not their best effort.

But as they say, "One man's meat..."

FOLLY: Sadly, the oxtail itself disappointed me. It was tender but not fork-tender i.e. not easily pulled apart with a fork. I had to be very intentional in cutting the meat from the bone with a fork and knife. In a different setting, I'd have picked up the piece with my hands and dropped the cutlery.

NOSA: I went with the Bangers & Mash as my main...

orchid bistro express-8.jpg


Deconstructed Bangers & Mash, anyone?

The portion of mash was pretty miserly, but in hindsight,  that wasn't the worst thing since I didn't like the mash at all. The Bangers were bangin' though. 

orchid bistro express-4.jpg

FOLLY: In one word, I found the mojito to be refreshing. I also liked the fact that it wasn't overly loaded with sugar.

At Orchid Bistro you have to order dessert because it's more or less, their core competency.

NOSA: The Cheesecake was rubbish.

orchid bistro express-10.jpg

FOLLY: I prefer cheesecake much sweeter, this was tart and the crust was soggy. Another disappointing experience for me. 

NOSA: All this big English for "the cheesecake was rubbish".


FOLLY: I've always enjoyed visiting their Ikeja location so I look forward to making Orchid Bistro a neighborhood fave. 

NOSA: N500 for a takeaway pack is daylight robbery.




Mozzarella Sticks - N3000

Bangers & Mash - N3000

Braised Oxtail - N7500



Limited street parking