Nok’s Owanbe Party is THE Culinary Trip Down Memory Lane You’ve been Waiting For

NokbyALARA Owanbe Party.jpeg

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear jollof rice, abula, asun, dodo ikire and ikokore? An all you can eat Owanbe party of course! What about deep fried Cabin Biscuits? Apparently they were all the rage in the 60s. Put these two together and you’ve got the Nok Old School Owanbe Party.

The guys at Nok by ALARA are throwing the mother of all owanbe parties this Sunday on the eve of Independence Day to celebrate Nigeria at 58 with 6 courses of classic Nigerian party food served with the signature Nok twist.

You’ll be welcomed with palm wine and traditional snacks including gurudi, kulikuli, coconut candy, chin chin and those fried cabin biscuits. Then select from a couple of mains including abula, eja osan, pounded yam and efo riro, ikokore, and goat meat afang with fufu.

Continue with ipapanu including dodo ikire, moin moin elepo, adalu, peppered gizzards, ojojo, pof pof and asun.

Come dressed in your finest oleku and dashiki and dance the night away with our live band playing highlife, juju and afrobeat from the greats of the Independence era; Victor Olaiya, IK Dairo, Orlando Julius, Haruna Ishola and Ganiyu Kale. There’s even a prize for the best dressed guest.

Wind down with throwback creme caramel, fruit salad with milk and later later, a selection of Nok popsicles.

Call 09085614815, email, or DM @nokbyalara on Instagram to make a reservation

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