Nine Zero Degrees Defines Continental Fare

Nine Zero Degrees

701 Sanusi Fafunwa Street, Victoria Island, Lagos.

FOLLY: Another generalist restaurant opened up in VI.


FOLLY: Generalist is because the menu isn't distinctly Nigerian, Pizza, Italian, Chinese etc., it's a combination of several cuisines and Nigerian food so basically what we call "continental" in these parts.

NOSA:  They serve local and continental dishes. And bathroom has this coed thing going on, which is really progressive in hindsight.

FOLLY: The word continental is like nails on chalkboard for me but given how often it's used on Lagos restaurant menus, I'm learning to become less bothered by it. 

NOSA: Speaking of menus, Nine Zero didn't make the best first impression because all the images in the menu looked like stock images. No bueno.


FOLLY: Really curious about how inexpensive the Spaghetti & Meatballs was at N2200, I had to order it. 

NOSA: I had to look at the menu multiple times because I couldn't believe my eyes. A restaurant in VI with relatively affordable pricing? It's like finding Big Foot.

That said, Folly's spaghetti looked pretty decent.

FOLLY: It was very meh.

NOSA: Or maybe not.

FOLLY: The sauce had little to no flavor. I couldn't taste any of the usual suspects for a tomato sauce like garlic, or herbs like parsley or basil, it was all tomato. What really surprised me was the sweetness, I think the chef wanted to add sugar to counteract the acidity in the acidity of the tomatoes and ended up putting a bit too much. 


FOLLY: The meatballs themselves were a bit small and forgettable. The pasta wasn't overcooked so they get a check plus for that. 

NOSA:  For my main, I got the salmon with a side of mashed potatoes.


FOLLY: I liked the salmon a lot. I wish I had ordered that instead. 

NOSA: I felt the salmon could've been prepared a bit differently. The "crust", for lack of a better word, ruined it for me. The taste opportunity cost of frying it in the pictured crust is is way too high.


NOSA: Maybe it was done to suit the local palette because I was in Johannesburg with a coworker not too long ago and he couldn't hack the salmon because it tasted "raw" according to him. So yeah, maybe Nigerians just like their fish fried.


NOSA: The mash was terrible. Let's not waste words on it.



FOLLY: A very forgettable experience. Nothing was terrible and nothing impressed me. Wait, except the 15% service charge added unto the bill that was annoying. 

NOSA: "Forgettable" is the right word. Nothing really stood out about it. It's far from bad and gets the job done, but it isn't something you'd long for at any point.



Grilled Salmon - N7000

Spaghetti & Meatballs - N2000