Nigerians Try Sushi For The First Time

FOLLY: This was easily the most fun video that we ever shot. It was also so smooth from a logistics standpoint because the EDL Studio is fully set up. Nosa and I are still learning the work in terms of being YouTubers but it'd definitely a fun adventure. Video bloggers clearly have all the fun. 

eatdrinklagos taste test sushi-2.jpg

That said, we put a call out on Twitter for Nigerians who have never tried sushi before and the feedback was overwhelming.

Of course, there were some people who had definitely tried sushi before who were pretending slash lying and we got a lot of questions asking how we'd know.


It's not foolproof but we are able to tell genuine from ingenuine. We sent invitations to some people who were ingenuine but they eventually fessed up because of how the invitation was worded. Reverse psychology at play there. 

Thanks to our lovely readers (I don't know if they want to be named) who volunteered to face their fears and try "raw fish".