Ask Eat.Drink.Lagos LXII

Subject: Wedding reception location...

Message: Hi guys, I love EDL and have been following you guys from the very beginning. My fiancé and I are planning and paying for our own wedding so we can do what we like and have about 60 people total. We’re thinking it might be easier (i.e. less hassle) to do it at a buffet-style restaurant to save on separate catering and venue wahala. Are there any buffet options in Lagos not in a hotel? Or any hotels with amazing “this is not a hotel buffet” photo opps that have good food- this is important? Also my fiancé hates Chinese food and I hate Indian food so those are two things we really don’t want (a specifically Indian food buffet or Chinese food buffet)? Alternate non-traditional buffet suggestions welcome!
— A.O

FOLLY: Don't do a buffet for your wedding, please.

Crust & Cream is a popular wedding venue for small weddings. By popular, I know of two couples that have gotten married there. One of them personally told me it was inexpensive so you should definitely look into it. My second suggestion is Arabesque, as the grounds will be the perfect backdrop for your wedding pictures. Congratulations!

NOSA: There's Monty's Buffet on Karimu Kotun, but I've never been so I can't tell you how good it is. Buffets are mainly a hotel thing in Lagos, to be fair. 

If you really want save on catering/venue, check out Social Place. The owner can sort you out on food and getting married on the lawn could be cute if you work it right.

Subject: Space for paint the night

Message: Hi guys,
Love your recommendations, so this is definitely the place to ask my question.
I want to organize a private “paint the night” session. I need a restaurant/bar that can accommodate 22 people and offers “affordable” platters and drinks.

Hope to hear from you soon.
— A.O

FOLLY: Check out Sao Cafe in Lekki, the outdoor space will work for you. They don't have platter but they have a few appetizers e.g. gizzard, snail, chicken wings and yam chips that you can combine together to create your very own platter. 

NOSA: Or Liquid Hub in Ikoyi

Subject: Best Nigerian Restaurant in Lagos

Message: Hello I was thinking do you have a post about the post of top NIgerian cuisine restaurants in Lagos? If, not please suggest. I know of only Yellow Chillies.
— A.O

FOLLY: I've never been to Jevinik but it's really popular so it may be good. There's also L'Afric which I've been to and I think it is pretty much the same as Yellow Chilli

NOSA: The best Nigerian restaurant in Lagos is the one in your home. I haven't been to any that's worth the money.

Subject: Restaurant ideas for birthday lunch

Message: Hi, it’s my boyfriend’s birthday soon, and I need suggestions on where to take him for lunch. Somewhere cozy and nice with great food. 15-20k budget. Lunch is on a saturday btw. Thank you!
— A.S

NOSA: Nok, because that is what I'd want

FOLLY: La Verandah, cause I really like that place and it suits your budget very well.