Ask Eat.Drink.Lagos XXXIX

Subject: Turning 30

Message: Hello,

My friend is turning 30 and i will like to plan a surprise dinner party for.

Can you please suggest a nice not too expensive restaurants we can check out.

Thank you for your help.

Kind regards
— O.B

NOSA: Are craving any thing in particular?

FOLLY: I'm going to read that as a basic restaurant that won't cost you a lot of money. If that's what you want then there are an incredible amount of them in Lagos. Seriously, on almost any corner you can find a basic restaurant that's not too expensive. There's Otres, Angle Villa, Crust & Cream, Lihao, The Londoner's, and Freshly Ground to name a few. 

Subject: Does Mr Chang make the cut for my 30th

Message: Hiya,

A colleague introduced me to your blog on Friday. It was a welcome discovery, I enjoy you use of wit in describing your experiences and of course the banter between you two.
I intend to have a dinner for 7 on Tuesday to celebrate my 30th. A friend mentioned Southern Sun but due to budget constraints and the fact that I need to have a minimum party size of 10 in order to get a bottle of sparkling wine + have the kitchen staff serenade me with cake, i’m considering other options like Four Points or Mr Chang (long winded sentence... I know)
Lemme know your thoughts. Sorry for the short notice. We Nigerians are so last minute...
— S.O

NOSA: Of your options, I'll go with Four Points. I was in Mr.Changs once. Didn't eat, but for the ugly interior and Awolowo traffic, it was way too expensive. The food might actually be good so don't hold me to it.

FOLLY: Four Points could certainly work, it's N7,500 per person for their dinner buffet. 

NOSA: If you really want to get serenaded, Spurs in Ikeja will definitely do that for you regardless of party size. Talindo too, but that might be a bit expensive.