It's More Than Just Coffee at Coffee Plus


FOLLY: It’s 'cafe week' on EDL. We decided to hit up two cafe type places where you can grab a bite, have a meeting, workspace for the day... you get the drift. On Monday was Simply Green and today is Coffee Plus. 

It’s 2017 and going by the timeline of this blog Cafe Neo is 3ish + years old. My Coffee is also so last year, Art Cafe has stressful parking, so cue Coffee Plus.

NOSA: Art Cafe has the worst parking in Lagos

FOLLY: The location is very unlike all the other typical VI coffee shops as it’s located in a mall on a moderately quiet Victoria Island Street. We wouldn’t have found out about them without Instagram. 

NOSA: Reason #93820920 you need to an Instagram for your business

FOLLY: What stands out about Coffee Plus immediately is that they have a printed menu card (most coffee shops don't have this) and they also serve alcoholic cocktails. If I dissect the name, I would assume that the owners/management are trying to imply that “it’s more than just coffee”. 

The menu isn’t extensive however, they have about 4 different sandwich options and a variety of crepes too. 

NOSA: I'm guessing the "Plus" didn't reach that side.

coffee plus via.JPG

FOLLY: I was struggling with a hoarse throat on the day we visited I settled for honey and ginger green tea. I don’t know why Nosa didn’t order coffee, I had a good excuse. 

NOSA: Because it was a hot Saturday morning.

FOLLY: For breakfast, I had the chicken sandwich on a white baguette. 

NOSA: While I got the raspberry chicken sandwich.

chicken sandwich.JPG

FOLLY: It was a good sandwich, significantly better than Cafe Neo’s. My Coffee’s or La Pointe but definitely not as good as what you’d get at Art Cafe. 

NOSA: Eh, I don't know about Art Cafe. Their sandwiches are ok, but I'd say Coffee Plus has them beat.

FOLLY: The price point was decent and the tomatoes weren’t soggy. I remember watching this Rachel Ray episode where she gives a hack on how to avoid soggy tomatoes in sandwiches. I can’t remember how she did it but I know it had something to do with salt.  

I also know that some types of tomatoes are more appropriate cause they are firmer. 

raspeberry club .JPG

NOSA: I was feeling real adventurous when I ordered my sandwich.

FOLLY: Nosa’s sandwich really surprised me. I don’t know why I was thinking we were going to get a sandwich with muddled raspberries. Seriously, raspberry syrup or jam really didn’t cross my mind. 

NOSA: It was more like a vinaigrette. If you've ever had a Monte Cristo, the juxtaposition of sweet and savoury flavors is very similar

raspberry club coffee plus.JPG

NOSA: The sandwich was very fresh and I'd definitely recommend it.

FOLLY: We finished with something sweet - the Kinder Crepe. The crepe is definitely pricier than what one would expect but it’s bigger than Deli’s and the chocolate is “imported”. 

kinder crepe.JPG

NOSA: This was so so good.

FOLLY: An odd thing about the crepe is that it came out much more crispy than I’m used to but I still quite liked it. Very enjoyable. It had both melted Kinder chocolate and grainy peanut butter. A perfect combination if you ask me

NOSA: Crepes shouldn't be crispy, should they? Not like I cared, to be honest. If the crisp was on purpose, shouts to them because it worked.

coffee plus.JPG

NOSA: Maybe I should have got that coffee. The crepe would work oh so well with coffee. I got a mint lemonade instead and that tasted like a mojito without the alcohol. Bleh!



FOLLY: It’s a really nice coffee shop. I’m definitely going to schedule the next few meetings there so I can try out more of their crepes. 



Flavoured Tea - N700

Minted Lemonade - N1100

Kinder Mix Crepe - N2900

Chicken Sandwich - N2500

Raspberry Club Sandwich - N2500



The mall has decent parking and I guess if it’s completely full (very unlikely) street parking will be available.