Brunxh (Sundays at 355)

9A Oko Awo Street. Victoria Island, Lagos.

NOSA: Every sunday for the rest of the year from 11:00 am to 3:30 pm, neocove aims to bring the New York brunch experience to Lagos. Don't ask me what that is because I don't know. You might want to take that up with management because it's above my pay grade. 

I also don't know why people insert the random "x" and "v" into words.  


FOLLY: I think what Neocove means by bringing the New York brunch experience to Lagos is to bring the idea that brunch is much more than going to Southern Sun after church to eat rice. To brunch, is more than a meal, it's a lifestyle. "Do you even brunch bro?"

NOSA: Stories that touch...


NOSA: The salmon and eggs were absolutely delicious and the remoulade that came with it was soo perf. How's that pronounced?


Don't judge me for being a philistine. Folly took me to an art exhibition the other day, she's really trying to clean me up.

FOLLY: It's /ray-moo-lahd/ Nosa.

Yes, the remoulade was awesome. It was a bit spicy but that's what the toast was for. If you come for Brunxh (which you should!), you have to get the salmon and eggs as your starter. Don't bother reading the menu, just order it. 


NOSA: The chili was meh. It's not something I'd ever pay legal tender for, if I'm being real honest. I probably made better chili in college. The menu also said it was coming with crackers, but it came with those shitty chips you get at Bottles. 


FOLLY: #PoorNosa I told him as we ordered that I wouldn't get the chili but we both couldn't get the smoked salmon as there's no fun in that. I shared with him so that was a happy ending. 


NOSA: The steak fajitas were really really good. 355 rarely fucks up their Tex Mex fare, that tragic chili aside. The fajitas were more like tacos though, if I'm being pedantic. Shame it came in a kiddies portion because I'm a big lad uno.

The real star of the day was Folly's entree - the roasted chicken with mashed potatoes. The mashed potatoes tasted like American-style mashed potatoes and that blew me away. The consistency was excellent. Look, I got mashed potatoes at Bistro 7, and Bistro 7 is apparently one of the better places to eat in Lagos, but theirs tasted like potato eba.


FOLLY: Bruv, AMEN and AMEN to those mashed potatoes. "Mr Neocove" actually heard us gushing about the mash after we tasted it which made him happy and he was smiling sheepishly. 

The chicken was also really "roasted" and packed with flavour. Very tender too, as it pretty much fell off the bone as I cut it. 

NOSA: I pretty much vultured Folly's plate. 




FOLLY: I love what neocove is doing with Brunxh. The food is great and the outdoor space works well for the event.

NOSA: I really wish it wasn't so dark inside. It's brunch and not a "den of iniquity" (PS: wouldn't "Den of Iniquity" be a really good name for a strip club?). 

FOLLY: I also really wish Nigerians would fully buy into the idea of a day party and not come so so so late all the time. Trust me, I went to Uni in America and day parties are the best thing when everyone fully commits to it. 

NOSA: Believe me, darling, day drinking >


Prix-fixe - N5,500