The Most Expensive Sandwich in Lagos

FOLLY: We're not going to make you scroll down all the way to the end to find out how much this sandwich costs we'll just spit it out right now. It's N6800. We first discovered it in January this year at our very first lunch club at RSVP. Since then we've been around the block and black and now we're ready to crown it the most expensive.

NOSA: That's roughly $34 (a generous conversion) for a a sandwich. Silly money territory.
rsvp steak sandwich.jpg

 NOSA: Is it worth it? Probably not. Sure, you get a proper steak in it and it's arguably the best sandwich you'll find in Lagos. But man, it's N6,800. 

FOLLY: I just can't get it every time I come to RSVP, have to alternate with something cheaper.

NOSA: Maybe it's me and not RSVP. I need to get a better job.

FOLLY: It's actually the best sandwich I've ever had and it's miles better than their (RSVP's) chicken avo sandwich.  I also love that you can choose how you want the steak in the sandwich done.

NOSA: Go try the Steak Sandwich at Casa Lydia, then try the one at RSVP. There's such a gulf of class.


rsvp steak sandwich expensive.jpg

Best value sandwich in Lagos? 

FOLLY: Now for the best bang for buck sandwich in Lagos (aside from akara and agege bread natch) is the Chickwizz. 

chickwizz chicken republic

NOSA: N650, maybe N850 if you're about it. The Chickwizz is the one for you if you get paid like I do.


FOLLY: Don't waste your time arguing, you're already wrong.