Another Reader Suggestion

UPDATE: This restaurant has closed down.

Mela Rossa

57 Awolowo Road, Ikoyi, Lagos

0816 261 6199

Update: This restaurant has gone out of business. 

FOLLY: That place with a tomato in their logo underneath 57,  yup that's the one.

NOSA: I don’t think I’ve told you guys but I hate Awolowo Road. Worst road/street in Lagos right after Isaac John in Ikeja. There’s always traffic and there’s no where to park. Awolowo Road is like Lagos’ Oxford Street except a million times shit. 

Anyway, Mela Rossa is on Awolowo and like all other Awolowo businesses, with the exception of Chicken Republic, there are only four parking spots.

FOLLY: The restaurant is so dark, like immediately I walked I was so bothered by how the pictures would turn out. So, I asked the waiter if they could turn on the lights (as we were the only ones in the restaurant), but he said they only turn them on during breakfast smh. Speaking of empty restaurants, next time people email us asking for lowkey dinner suggestions, I'm going suggest these restaurants that are always empty as you can get private dining without paying a premium. 

NOSA: Or Double 4. No one is ever at Double 4. That's private dining all the time.

FOLLY: For our starter, we got the bacon wrapped chicken. Honestly, I was skeptical about this choice as when I asked Nosa to choose the starter, I was pretty sure he'd go with the calamari. 

NOSA: Whoever suggested this place to us should have told us this was a Fine Dining joint.

chicken wrapped bacon at mela rossa .jpg

FOLLY: This was soooo good. Way better than the bacon wrapped chicken I had at Taverna that time Chef Cristian presented his new menu. I was so worried that the chicken would be dry and tasteless.

NOSA: But the portion is soooo small though 😢😢😢

FOLLY: But this was delicious. It was well flavored with a bunch of different herbs (I can't tell you which though).

OSA: Fine dining is stress but this was really good. Then again, there's nothing bacon wrapped that I don't like. Maybe not bacon wrapped poop, but you get my drift.

FOLLY: The main courses on the Mela Rosa menu are bloody expensive.

NOSA: If you really want to test your boyfriend's hands, ladies, bring him here. Let him prove how much he loves you.

FOLLY: I didn't come here prepared to part with my entire salary so we agreed on the pasta, which was decently priced. In fact Mella Rosa is an Italian restaurant so I felt their pasta had to be good. 

Aside: I suspect it was Mela Rosa that @theblackhermit was throwing shade at when he made a comment about Nigerian restaurants having Lobster Thermidor on their menu on Twitter.

NOSA: It probably was.  

For our mains, I ordered the Spaghetti Alla Carbonara while Folly got the Beef Cannelloni

FOLLY: When my food first came I felt sorry for myself because I thought in my attempt to order the cheapest thing on the pasta menu that didn't have white sauce, I had gotten a large helping of cheese (and I'm lactose intolerant).

So I decided I was going to eat just one cannelloni and let Nosa have the rest. 

NOSA: If anyone is going to get fat, might as well be me, eh?

FOLLY: So a little backstory first, there's this blogger that me and Nosa always make fun of cause she's always going off about how things are so delicious and they "melt in her mouth". Sometimes she'll mention how you can almost hear the eggs sizzling from the kitchen. (Obviously she was paid to say these things).

NOSA: 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

I didn't say anything abeg. I'm not among. 

FOLLY: Anyways, all that white stuff on the cannelloni wasn't actually cheese, of course I sighed a huge sigh of relief when I realized this. It was cheese and some sort of coconut cream mousse thing. And yes just as you thought,  it melted it my mouth.

NOSA: I thought the coconut thing was eww at first but it kinda grew on me after a couple of bites.

FOLLY: I got beef cannelloni so obviously, it was stuffed with beef. I was expecting ground beef but the beef was really tiny slices that had been sauteed. Tasted great too.

NOSA: Same here, I was expecting ground beef too. Usually, restaurants skimp on these minute details so this was a welcome surprise. 

My carbonara was proper good. It had bacon bits in it too, unlike the one Folly got at Crust & Cream.

I might have preferred it if it was penne, but I didn't want to be that Nigerian ordering things that aren't on the menu. 

Funny story: So were at the Urban Fuxion food truck not too long ago. Some guy comes over and asks for the menu. The cook hands it over to him and homeboy goes over it and asks if they have shawarma. I found it so hilarious for some reason. 


FOLLY: I really liked what I got ordered, if I wasn't lactose intolerant I'd obviously have eaten more of it but it was sooooo good. I especially liked the addition of the coconut cream.

NOSA: Yeah, Mela Rossa is actually pretty legit. When we kept getting bugged about it on Instagram, I figured it would be rubbish but it wasn't. The thing take style expensive sha.

FOLLY: I also feel the need to comment on the service at Mela Rossa because it was excellent. What really struck me was that the waiter was a bit elderly but he wasn't slow, instead, he operated more like a seasoned professional. It was really interesting to watch him. 

NOSA: That old man might be the most polite waiter I've encountered in all of Lagos. 



Bacon Wrapped Chicken - N2880

Spaghetti Alla Carbonara - N4200

Beef Cannelloni - N4800