Mashawi's is Textbook Lebanese Food


NOSA: We've been meaning to check out Mashawi's for a while but I wasn't too sure whether we could count it as a separate review from Vellvett because when you order from Mashawi's you technically seat in Vellvett's space. 

FOLLY: I completely let Nosa do the ordering because I was trying to sort something out and the menu didn't appeal to me at all so I just trusted Nosa to find the needle in the haystack. 


FOLLY: He ordered the Mixed Grill, Hummus, and "Cheese Sticks"

NOSA: Cheese Rikakat, is what it's called.


FOLLY: Oddly, the cheese sticks were my favorite thing but I could just "taste" them. The filling was made of garlic cream, halloumi, and feta. Some of the best cheeses after mozzarella, brie, and gouda if you ask me. 

NOSA: All that together and deep fried. I bet some Lebanese guy went to the Texas State Fair and came up with this because this is some really fat shit. Like all fat shit, I liked it. Smh at my life. 


FOLLY: The mixed grill was not exceptional but as good as it gets. I felt all the meats were more seasoned than others that I've tried. The chicken wings were solid though, who knew you could find A1 chicken wings at a Lebanese restaurant.


NOSA: Their mixed grill was probably the most underwhelming I’ve had in Lagos. It didn’t taste bad or anything, but it wasn’t as loaded as I expected. Mixed Grills are usually the culinary personification of gluttony. This one wasn’t.  

FOLLY: Nosa wasn't a fan

NOSA: The wings were great though, but yeah, I wasn't impressed by the whole thing. I think my annoyance is directly connected to how much it cost.



NOSA: We got the hummus with meat. The hummus was very hummus-y and hummus-ed well. About as hummus as hummus gets.

FOLLY: Precisely, it didn't blow us away like the one at BL.

NOSA: or Syrian Club

FOLLY: Also, it was oddly cold, I've never had cold hummus. 



FOLLY: We've always wanted to check out Mashawi's and I'm glad it did. It's decent Lebanese food but not the best in Lagos. 

NOSA: Eh, for me. There's better.




Mixed Grill - N8200

Hummus Lahmeh - N3500

Cheese Rikakat - N3200



Good enough on days that they aren't busy.