Apapa Is Not All Potholes And Traffic

Mario's Pizza & Fast Food

2 Lander Close (entrance on Liverpool Road), Apapa, Lagos

0811 000 0995 or 0811 000 0996

NOSA: Because I have old man hips, we found ourselves in Apapa this weekend. 

FOLLY: We found this place on Foursquare using "places nearby'' and it had lots of reviews about the pizza.  Nosa was skeptical because he felt how good could the pizza really be. Clearly, he doesn't rate Apapa.

NOSA: I don't. 


FOLLY: We got there and our first impression was pretty good so we decided to stay. 

NOSA: It looked waaaaay better than I expected. 

FOLLY: After all the rave reviews on Foursquare, no way we could come and not try the pizza so we ordered a small one as a starter. 

NOSA: Might be hard to believe but it looked better in real life. 

FOLLY: Those Foursquare reviewers told no lies, the pizza was excellent. It had everything I like about pizza: thin crust and was made in a proper brick oven.

NOSA: I was big fan of it. Tbh, I've never met an oven baked pizza that I didn't like. 

FOLLY: The only cons I had with the pizza was that the chef was pretty light handed with the ham, and Verandah has better quality ham. 

NOSA: One thing I really really loved is fact you can get the pizza in different sizes. All the really nice pizza places in Lagos only offer a singular size and leave the multiple sizing to scraps like Dominos. 

FOLLY: For my main I had the Pesto Spaghetti ( I think, not sure the exact name). But basically, pesto and spaghetti.

Unfortunately, the pasta came out more alfredo than pesto. This was disappointing because it wasn't what I was expecting. The pasta wasn't bad though, and there was a good amount of chicken in it. 

NOSA: Yeah, not very pesto. Here's the pesto I know:

Again, here's what Folly got again

Anyway, I got the Ray's Chicken Escalope.

FOLLY: I liked Nosa's Escalope, the frankfurters on top were cute/silly and the chicken wasn't dry. 

NOSA: Please ignore those ugly frankfurters. The escalope was pretty good. The chicken wasn't dry on the inside or anything. And the cheese...it was sooooo cheesy.


FOLLY: Mario's is a diamond in the rough (referring to Apapa's terrible roads and constant traffic), so if you're in the area definitely stop by. Or if you've gone by a number of times (there's an old dusty red sign)  and wondered if you should check it out, you should. 

NOSA: No, you really have to. What I love is how cheap it is. Ok, maybe I shouldn't use "cheap" because that makes it sound like the food is terrible. It's very affordable. We need to revisit our Budget Dates post. 



Royal Pizza (Small) - N1700

Ray's Chicken Escalope - N3200

Pesto Chicken Spaghetti - N3000