Industry Bants: EatDrinkLagos x Denola Grey

The Long Bar

23 Tony Anegbode Street. Victoria Island, Lagos. 

0703 655 88790703 906 78680704 647 7236

FOLLY: Nosa and I have been plotting for the longest time how we're going to break into "industry", aka the music and fashion scene in Lagos. Don't ask me why but it just seems like the next natural step after starting a blog. Hence, we famzed our way to post-work drinks with Denola Grey

Yes, that Denola Grey with the cheekbones for the gawds. #Blown

NOSA: I was so excited for this, I showed up drunk and late (long story).

 Side WHAT ??

Side WHAT ??

 I bet that's like brunch

I bet that's like brunch

 Rhymes with Kabiru

Rhymes with Kabiru

 Pretty sure that should be "Pimms"

Pretty sure that should be "Pimms"

FOLLY: Long Bar may have the most menu typos in the whole of Lagos. Worse than 355, worse than your neighborhood shawarma place. Do the managers not proof read these things ?

DENOLA: Waiiiit... Side WHAT? *proceeds to tweet*

NOSA: 355 had "penny pasta" and "abanero wings", idk man.


FOLLY: Denola may be Lynxxx on the outside but my guy is Olamide on the inside. Orijin is that drink. 

NOSA: WAYMENT! Orijin is just 6% alcohol? That's very very weak.

DENOLA: I don't know what it is about Orijin, but every time I wanna drink it, I start singing that Olamide song *Stoooryy for the gods!!*

FOLLY: I love restaurants with unassuming interiors except it's a super fancy restaurant and in those situations the decor should correspond with the bill abeg. We sat at a booth and it reminded me of every single bar in Charlottesville, VA. 

NOSA: If Pat's Bar is the English bar/pub in Lagos, Long Bar is like the American equivalent. The booths were awesome. It sounds like stupid shit to get excited by, but when you move back, anything that reminds you of obodo oyibo excites you. 

DENOLA: It really reminded me of a few Lower EastSide pubs in Manhattan. I like the atmosphere, wouldn't mind coming here for a couple of Orijins and wings before going out. Plus the waitress said they close whenever the last customer leaves…..

NOSA: I really tried flirting with that waitress. Didn't click.


FOLLY: The bar here is STOCKED. I'm definitely going to come here on a Friday and never leave. Remember when we were all too young to drink and we used to go to Bungalow's for pre-drinks before Volar, Insomnia etc.

NOSA: I bet you went for those Nigerian parties in London with the sequels. 


DENOLA: While waiting for Nosa, my hungry self decided to order cheese covered fries with bacon bits. I was surprised that it was only 1k!! I liked it even though Folly thought they were dead.

FOLLY: The cheesy fries with bacon weren't my cup of tea. I also burnt my knuckle a bit because it was a hot plate and I got too close. 


FOLLY: I ordered a Caipirinha on Denola's recommendation. Nosa was late and every time I have menu anxiety he's usually the voice of reason, but this time he wasn't there when I needed him. Sigh. 

NOSA: One day, I'll tell you guys how I got drunk at work on this day. Not today though.

 FUN FACT: Denola LOVES wings.

FUN FACT: Denola LOVES wings.

DENOLA: Another cocktail ruined by a Lagos bartender.. I guess I was still on a high from my Houston trip and thought a Caipirinha was immune from being made poorly here. It wasn't god-awful, but it wasn't great. It should've been sweeter and they should've gone easy on the lime.

FOLLY: A bit of a backstory: At first our waitress said my selection wasn't available but a bartender came up to me later and asked if I ordered the Caipirinha and when I said yes, he replied no worries that he'll make it for me. I thought that was really nice. The drink itself was alright but Denola said it wasn't made correctly and should have been sweeter. What do I know?


On the wings, they were alright. We had the crispy chicken wings and hot sticky chicken wings. I don't like spicy food and these weren't spicy at all. I'd say they were a bit "oriental". 

DENOLA: Listen, the sticky hot wings were the tits!  I liked them a lot. They tasted familiar though. I finally put my finger on it. It’s the same way the "Chicken Taipei” is made at Spice Route down to the herbs and spices! The only difference is that at Spice, the chicken is boneless. At Long bar, they were traditional.

crispy wings

NOSA: I preferred the hot sticky wings. The hot sticky wings had this sweet kick to them and they weren't spicy at all. Maybe the "hot" was referring to the actual temperature of the wings. Oyibo man spicy, perhaps.

DENOLA: Nosa and Folly weren’t too keen on the dry crispy wings, but I didn't mind them. Then again, I do have a pretty unhealthy addiction to chicken wings.

NOSA: The crispy wings were a little too deep fried for me. That's probably why they served it with a side of stew. Definitely didn't come close to my beloved Chicken Republic wings. Chicken Republic wings still undefeated in these streets, dawg.


FOLLY: I think Long Bar would be a perfect spot for pre-drinks, it's perfectly cozy and the prices are well budget friendly.

NOSA: I concur. Star was N500, that's all you really need to know.


Crispy Wings - N1000

Hot Sticky Wings - N1200

Cheese Fries - N1000