The Perfect Spot For Post-Work Drinks

Londoners Bar

24 Oduduwa Way, Ikeja, Lagos

01 493 0085

NOSA: I’ve heard about this place a couple of times and according to Foursquare, this is where all the ad agency guys hang out after work. 

FOLLY: I've never really been a Foursquare user but it has come in pretty useful this past couple of weeks when we're looking for new places.

I won't lie, I feel like we've struggled recently in discovering new places in Lagos to blog about and it makes me sad. 

NOSA: I love the interior, especially the bar. The bar stools aren’t like the typical and for some reason I thought it was so cool. 

FOLLY: I didn't even know when Nosa was taking all these pictures of the interior, full stealth mode. I'm usually more obvious than Nosa when I'm taking pictures. Nosa is so coded, it's pretty impressive. 

NOSA: Ignore how ugly they look in the picture, the wings were very good.

FOLLY: I don't know why most places don't just cut off the wing tip. 

NOSA: I’m always scared when I order wings and they come out like the chicken wings you get with Sunday rice. More often than not, those wings are hard as shit.

FOLLY: Yup, this is because if they are so non-chalant as to not remove the tips, they usually just dump it in ororo while they make the stew and forget about it for a long time, and when they remember it's crusty as shit.

NOSA: Not these ones though. These wings were unbelievably tender. I bet they boiled the wings for a bit before grilling. 

FOLLY: They were so tender but mad skinny though. These chickens weren't fed antibiotics or any of that GMO stuff. They probably grass fed them behind their restaurant too. 

NOSA: Oh, and the pepper. Ay Dios mio!

FOLLY: Miss me on that, I was just looking at Nosa like cool yeah. 

NOSA: I think this is the first time we’ve ordered Fish & Chips and we’ve actually got proper Fish & Chips. Like, actual beer-battered fish. This is Londoners’ specialty apparently.

FOLLY: When I think of it, we shouldn't have expected anything less as the bar is called Londoner. It'll have been pretty wretched of them to serve point and kill as most other Nigerian restaurants do, considering they are going for a British pub feel. 

FOLLY: The fish was pretty good. However, the fillet was mad small, so two would have been nice. I was still hungry after.

NOSA: I’d complain about how there was too much batter certain points, but that would be me pretending like I’ve ever had it any other way. Even those Fish & Chip shops in London overdo the batter and it’s their rocks. 

The fries needed salt. The chef/cook is obviously from the Urban Fuxion School of Fry Making. He hand cut the fries though. The menu didn’t lie on that one.

FOLLY: Hand cut probably never frozen, but fried in days old all no bueno.


NOSA: If Ikeja wasn’t far as shit, I’d actually come here for post work drinks. I just love the way the place feels and it’s probably lit when there’s a crowd. Oh, and the food came out really fast too. Always a plus, that. 

FOLLY: No Star Radler sha :( 



Chicken Wings - N1500

Fish & Chips - N3000