Lighthouse Offers You Seafood With a View

The Lighthouse Bar & Grill

Admiralty Way, Lekki Phase One, Lagos.


NOSA: In the last week or two, Lekki traffic has been an absolute disaster. It's damn near unexplainable and it's reached the point where I actively avoid Lekki. On one of those days where I couldn't avoid Lekki, I spotted Lighthouse Bar & Grill. I guess Lekki traffic is good for something.

lighthouse bar grill lekki-1.jpg

FOLLY: I'm so skeptical of Nosa's recommendations these days. Soooo skeptical because this man has taken me to all sorts of ends for reviews.

NOSA: Lighthouse reminded me of Zanzibar so much. The location is a bit weird because there's almost always traffic to get to it.

FOLLY: It's right by the Lekki-Ikoyi Bridge (Ikoyi bound direction).

NOSA: The interior makes up for it. There's no indoor seating; all outdoor.

FOLLY: This stressed me out because it was a very hot day when we visited.

NOSA: That said, the space feels like the reflection of the owner. She came in via a little banana boat so the alté vibes come from somewhere.

NOSA: While the menu goes beyond seafood, but we ordered just the seafood because...duh.

FOLLY: It's a seafood spot so we wanted to make sure they had ALL the hands.

Seafood Mix

Seafood Mix

NOSA: I had the Seafood Mix; a little mix of calamari, shrimp, and fried fish. Folly had the Barracuda steak. 

The presentation could use some work. The cucumber + tomato slice thing is super ugg. It tasted way better than it looks in the picture.

Barracuda Steak

Barracuda Steak

FOLLY: Nigerian restaurants have "shown me pepper" so I was fully expecting a whole grilled Barracuda fish (point and kill style) and not a fish steak. So was pretty impressed when my meal arrived, now I could agree with Nosa that it was similar to Zanzibar.

The fish was made without the classic Nigerian pepper sauce just lemon, herbs, grilled onions, and lots of olive oil. Tasted great too - it wasnt overcooked and was flaked easily. 

NOSA: Presentation aside, I thought the Seafood Mix was pretty delicious. It felt a bit incomplete though. Like it was part of something bigger like a seafood stir-fry or a salad.

lighthouse bar grill lekki-6.jpg
lighthouse bar grill lekki-4.jpg

FOLLY: I fully agree with Nosa, my fish steak desperately needed a side too. It was a good thing we started with some suya because if not we might both have been starving after the meal. 



NOSA: I really liked Lighthouse. According to the menu, some pasta will be added next week. If they add a couple more breakfast options, this could be perfect for Saturday brunch. Especially for you bridge runners.

FOLLY: A much better alternative to Bay Lounge or Sailors for Lekki chills. Good food and good drinks.




Mojito - N2500

Mixed Seafood - N3500

Barracuda Steak - N3000

Chicken/Beef Suya (Stick) - N500




There's a couple spots inside, but it might not click if they get busy