5 Times Lagos Restaurants REALLY Tried It

NOSA: The other day we went to this place called Twenty5 in Banana Island and got shafted so bad that it got us thinking a bit. Lagos restaurants take the piss a lot of time. Over the course of our launching this blog, we've had a fair few instances of this legendary piss-taking. Here are the 5 times Lagos restaurants have absolutely TRIED it.

Shredded Chicken @ Twenty5

NOSA: This is the one that inspired this post. 

I'm still so upset, fam. THREE THOUSAND NIGERIAN NAIRA. We didn't vote for Buhari for this shit to be happening.  

FOLLY: The funny thing is that the  waiter actually told me it was grilled chicken that had been pulled apart, so I was fully expecting a half chicken  that Nosa and I could share. So imagine my disbelief when we got this. 

Chicken Espetada @ Rhapsody's

NOSA: This one is a little bittersweet because the chicken espetada was actually delicious, but at N5500? Come on, Rhapsody's. 5k for all of this

FOLLY: A whole frozen chicken at the supermarket is N1500 tops and that's if you're buying CHI brand for gossake.

Honey Suckle BBQ Ribs @ Ginger Tapas

NOSA: We got a lot of heat in the comments for complaining about the price of this. It would confuse me but I already know that Nigerians toss all sense of rationality to the side when it comes to their friend's business. See our BLD review, for instance.   

That's 3 ribs you see. We paid N3000 for that. I dropped Further Math after a week in SS1, but I know that comes out to N1000 per rib.

FOLLY: Yes we know it's tapas and they are supposed to be small, but N1000/rib is highway robbery. I dropped Further Math too, but after first term, just in case y'all were wondering. 

NOSA: The Ginger Tapas lady is probably a wonderful person but we need to call a spade a spade here. This is Grade A Lagos Restaurant piss taking. 

Grilled Cheese @ Oriental Hotel

NOSA: N3500 for a Grilled Cheese? Lol, fuck off pls. 

 FOLLY: At N3500, it better be an artisanal quality grilled cheese with Camembert cheese made by Chef Jesus, and ably assisted by Chef Fregz.  

Desserts @ Insignia

NOSA: I don't even know where to start from.

That has to be a whole cheesecake, right? The mousse must be like a whole tub full or something, right?

FOLLY: Let me put that in perspective for you, N3500 will buy you SEVENTY galas. And for N4500, you can cross the Ozumba toll 37 times with N4500, that's 18 days so that's only 2 days short of the number working days in a month. 

I can also fuel my car for 2 1/2 weeks for N4500. 

NOSA:  I need answers Lagos.

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