The Eat.Drink.Lagos Guide to Lagos Restaurant Week

NOSA: So Folly and I have looked at the Lagos Restaurant Week menus and we’re not adequately whelmed. Today, we’ll be giving you a simple guide to restaurant week so you can win because we want you to win. 

NOSA: To be honest, there should only be like 5 or 7, definitely less than half, restaurants in this thing. There are some good ones in there, but they are overwhelmingly tragic. I mean, Johnny Rockets is in the there. 



FOLLY: I think JR makes one of the best burgers in Lagos tbh but I was still surprised to see them on the list.

NOSA: No shade on Johnny Rockets, but they’re definitely not a place you’d want to go for restaurant week.


The Best Deals

1415 Restaurant @ Eko Signature



NOSA: This is easily the best of the lot. They put the fillet mignon as well as the tiramisu on their menu

FOLLY: Yup, without a doubt  the best restaurant week menu out. A solid deal.

What to order? The salmon tartar, the emerald risotto, and of course, the chef’s tiramisu.


The George



FOLLY: If you’ve always wondered what food at the George was like, this is your chance because they are offering a solid three-course menu in spite of the deep discount.

NOSA: The dessert is the selling point for me on this one. Oh, and the abundance of salmon. Can't forget that one. 

What to order? The Norwegian salmon because I want to eat all my money.


Orchid Bistro

Regular - N6,000 (Lunch)


FOLLY: The 20% service charge will hit you like a ton of bricks at the end of the meal but until then I expect everything to go well based on what’s on offer. You’re also saving greater than > N2000 on this menu because the shepherd’s pie alone costs N6000 on their regular menu.

NOSA: The definitely went with their strong points on it. One of the few restaurants that actually gave this restaurant week thing a good go.

What to order? The shepherd’s pie obviously, and you should also try the apple crumble for dessert, it’s my second favorite one in Lagos.


Talindo Steak house

Fine Dining - N11,000 (Dinner)


NOSA: Oh, I like this menu a lot. A whole lot. 

FOLLY: Just like 1415, Talindo offers a solid three-course menu in spite the deep discount, for example, the Jack Daniel’s steak alone costs > N7000 on their regular menu. 

NOSA: They also got the Talindo brownie on there too.

What to order? The suya chicken wings because they’re really good, I never expected it


La Veranda

Regular - N8,000 (Dinner)


NOSA: To be honest, this is a pretty boring menu but Veranda slides in on the fact that their pasta is very good. The best in Lagos, in fact.

FOLLY: There’s also a lot of seafood on this menu, so if you’re a seafood lover, this one is definitely for you. I do wish they had included their lasagne on this menu because that’s La Veranda’s biggest asset in my opinion.

NOSA: Exactly. This could've been a lot better.

What to order? The bruschetta to start and the tiramisu to finish


The Worst Deals

La Spiga @ Maison fahrenheit

Regular - N6,000 (Lunch). N8,000 (Dinner)


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NOSA: Pounded Yam. Jollof Rice. Fruit Salad. Yeah, this one is incredibly trash.

FOLLY: This is specifically with respect to the lunch menu. N6000 for pounded yam that they’ve stated, for lack of confusion, is the powdered variety is not okay. The starters also include goat meat pepper soup, chicken salad or tomato soup. Dessert is ice cream, fruit salad, and the ubiquitous creme caramel.


Johnny Rockets

REGULAR - N6,000 (LUNCH). N8,000 (DINNER)


NOSA: As much as I like Johnny Rockets, they shouldn't be here at all. Like, you might as well add Mr. Biggs while you're at it.

FOLLY: You don’t lose money if you compare Johnny Rocket’s restaurant week menu to its regular price menu but my hang up on this is that it’s Johnny Rockets. What’s the difference between Urban Fuxion and Jonny Rockets? My view is that you should take that money elsewhere and get a proper meal instead of fast food.



REGULAR - N6,000 (LUNCH). N8,000 (DINNER)


NOSA: The entire menu is one big face palm. 

FOLLY: First of all, the lunch and dinner menus are EXACTLY the same but the dinner menus costs N2000 more.

NOSA: This is easily the laziest menu of the lot. Right ahead of Marco Polo.

FOLLY: You also lose most of your free will to choose your main as you’re boxed into fried rice or noodles with an option to choose your meats. Most importantly, you’re losing money (about N1200) if you order this menu for dinner. 


Spice Route

Regular - N8,000 (Dinner)


 FOLLY: Many people don’t know this about Spice Route but you can order most of their dishes in a half portion guessed correctly, half the price. I believe it is this half portion that passed off as a “single portion” in the restaurant week menu.

NOSA: Mad fraudulent if that's the case.

FOLLY: I don’t have the menu prices for the starter platter and the desserts, but there’s a high chance you're losing money on this deal so obviously, it’s a no from me. 


Cafe Royale

REGULAR - N6,000 (LUNCH). N8,000 (DINNER)


FOLLY: This menu is misleading, Cafe Royale has been terrible to me on three occasions, but maybe they've improved. I

NOSA: Yeah, first the food is trash. Second, a lunch dessert option is TWO scoops of  ice cream while its dinner equivalent is THREE scoops of ice cream. In fact, their entire dessert thing is a shambles. 

Restaurant Week Giveaway

MasterCard + Lost In Lagos gave us 7 lunch vouchers at the kickoff dinner - two for us and five for you guys. So here's what we'll do:

  1. Check out the restaurants in this year's MasterCard Restaurant Week
  2. In the comments, suggest one restaurant you want us to try
  3. Also, leave your social media handle (instagram or twitter) so we can get in touch.

We'll pick a winner from the bunch. 

Update: This giveaway is now closed.