Restaurant Horror Stories IV

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BLD by Play

Despite reading horror stories my friends sha carried me to this place. Sigh

I ordered a cocktail. I forget the name but it as supposed to have peach in it. It did not. It was also mixed with water. Not watered down o. Im convinced it was actually mixed with water. It was not a pleasant drinking experience.
Got their southern wings. They were unseasoned fried wings that had been rolled in fish stew with green and red peppers. It was confusing to my soul and hungry stomach.
Also order gizzard that had been boiled and ALSO rolled in the same fish stew.
I was so very very very very very upset.
Needless to say I shall not be returning.

The wait staff was actually okay funny enough till it was time to bring my bill. Then the guy decided to use my time to discuss family matters with the rest of the staff. Like i was watching them congregating around the till and gisting while I’m sitting and fuming over a waste of money. I eventually had to walk up there and practically print out my own receipt. Meanwhile the two owners were sitting at the end of the bar gisting while their waitstaff was wasting time and there was an angry customer. They are either blind to the obvious or pretended they couldn’t see what was going on.

At the end a friend of one of the owners pointed out my disatisfaction. Please why did they need one of their friends to point it out? They should just close to the public and let their friends be their only customers, cause clearly the place is just a hang out spot for their buddies.

Any Lagos restaurant really TRIED it?