Restaurant Horror Stories III

Part I. Part II.

Zenith Water Margin

Hi Guys,

So i and some members of my family went to Zenith Water Margin to do a little celebration for my younger brother for passing his ACCA exams.

second time going to that Restaurant and the service was also bad the first time, but this time they went overboard. First, their service was slow, waiters kept forgetting, so we had to remind them, then their gen kept going off, almost about six times, the area where we also sat was kind of hot cause it was close to the Kitchen and the two ACs weren’t working properly, to top it all off, two of the waiters were arguing in the kitchen and everybody could hear them almost to the point were they were about to fight, one of my aunts actually stood up to go to the Kitchen to caution them and asked for their Manager, but they beg her not to, the Manager eventually came out, the noise stopped and the service kind of picked up.

But we have already made up our minds, we are never going there again.

Any Lagos restaurant really TRIED it?